CBSE Syllabus 2022-23 Class 10 | Class 9

Syllabus Of Class 10 CBSE 2022 23

<green> IMPORTANT UPDATE: <green>

CBSE has released the latest  syllabus Of Class 10 CBSE 2022-23 and 9.

In the previous session, CBSE had restored 100% of the syllabus for all secondary classes. But then it was reduced again (similar to the session previous to that i.e. 2020-21). This Reduced Syllabus was bifurcated into Term 1 (Objective Board) and Term 2 (Subjective Board).

  • It is now known that the term-wise board paper pattern will <red> NOT BE FOLLOWED <red> in the academic session 2022-23.
  • However, <green> the syllabus shall remain ALMOST the same <green> as the last two years according to the 30% reduction policy. Schools are advised to continue following the reduced syllabus.
NOTE: Some more topics are deleted in the 2022-23 syllabus as compared to the 2020-21 reduced syllabus, which we have mentioned in every subject.

Take a look at the CBSE Reduced Syllabus to be followed for the 2022-23 academic session.


Subjects Class 9 Syllabus Class 10 Syllabus
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Sanskrit View View
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Deleted Syllabus Of Class 10 CBSE 2022-23

Since most students do not understand how important reading and studying the syllabus first can be, we have provided some pointers to help them understand.

Read along to know why it is important for teachers and students to have syllabus as soon as it is released by CBSE.

  • Helps in Planning: The CBSE 2022-23 Syllabus is essential for both teachers and students to plan the coming session.
  • Details Learning Outcomes: It helps the teachers make a strategy with all the Learning Outcomes issued by CBSE. On the other hand, the students can know which topic they will learn in their academic year.
  • Resources: By studying the syllabus first, you can know which NCERT and CBSE resources you will need in the future and you can be prepared with them beforehand.

Bookmark this page for latest update regarding 2022-23 CBSE Syllabus for Class 9 and Class 10.

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