CBSE Class 10 English Sample Paper 2023-24

CBSE English Sample Paper Class 10 2023-24

All CBSE resources are important! Whether it is the Previous Year Papers released every year after examination or the Sample Papers that define the paper pattern for the upcoming exams; it is necessary for both teachers and students to have access to these resources.

This is why we stay prompt and active in arranging all these resources and bringing them for students and teachers in one place.

Here, we have provided the complete list of Class 10 English Language and Literature Sample Papers, along with their Marking Scheme Solutions made available by CBSE.

CBSE Sample Paper English Class 10 2023-24

Class 10 English Sample Papers Marking Scheme Solutions
2023-24 Sample Paper Download
2023 Sample Paper Download
Term 2 Sample Paper 21-22 Download
Term 1 Sample Paper 21-22 Download
2021 Sample Paper Download
2020 Sample Paper Download
2019 Sample Paper Download
2018 Sample Paper Download
2017 Sample Paper Download
2016 Sample Paper Download
2015 Sample Paper -

English Sample Paper Class 10 2023-24 With Solutions

These CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers have several uses to fulfil, some of which are mentioned below.

      For Teachers: Teachers can use these Sample Papers to:

  • provide practice questions to students; and
  • understand the paper pattern and encourage the students to follow it.

       For Students: Students can make the best use of these Sample Papers to:

  • learn and adapt to the new paper pattern;
  • practice new and important questions for the respective exam; and
  • improve their efficiency and speed in answering the questions.

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