NCERT Books Class 12

The CBSE syllabus is based on NCERT books. They make the foundation of education for students of Class 9-12. Also, each NCERT book is curated with high-quality content, which is easy to teach, study, and learn. This makes their access highly important for both teachers as well as students.

With Class 12 NCERT books, students gain the best knowledge in such a way that they remember everything learnt throughout their life. Understanding the importance of these books, we have provided PDF links to all the books subject-wise and chapter-wise.

Anyone can have full access to these NCERT books PDFs before the learning process and exams start and be ahead of their schedule to plan for the exams accordingly.

Given below is a table with subject-wise PDFs of Class 12 NCERT Books and NCERT Exemplars. You can visit the links to download the complete or chapter-wise NCERT Textbooks and Exemplars. These links are free to access without having to enter any login information.


Subjects PDF (Complete book + Chapter-wise)
English Core View
Hindi Core View
Mathematics View
Physics View
Chemistry View
Biology View
Accountancy View
Business Studies View
Economics View
Psychology View

NCERT Exemplars

Subjects Chapter-wise PDF
Physics View
Chemistry View
Biology View
Mathematics View

Based on the latest CBSE curriculum, all these Class 12 NCERT books can help the students in several ways. They can:

  • prepare a strategy for learning the curriculum throughout the academic year;
  • learn in a comprehensive way to get a deep understanding of each chapter; and
  • retain the significance of the concepts explained till the Board exams.

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Any other information regarding CBSE curriculum, paper pattern, study material, and notifications is available below in the supporting links.