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Class 12 Specimen Paper 2024-25 ISC

Class 12 ISC specimen papers 2024 have been released by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). These papers consist of all the different pattern questions that will be asked in the final exam paper. From the table given below, you can download direct PDF files of ISC Specimen Papers 2024 Class 12 for all the main subjects.

The papers mainly focuses on competency-based questions as per the revised pattern. The competency-based questions has been increased to 25% and is expected to increase steadily every year.

ISC Class 10 Specimen Papers 2025

<red>→<red>ISC Class 12 English Paper 1 - English Language Specimen Paper 2025

<red>→<red>ISC Class 12 English Paper 2 - Literature in English Specimen Paper 2025

<red>→<red>ISC Class 12 Hindi Specimen Paper 2025

<red>→<red>ISC Class 12 Mathematics Specimen Paper 2025

<red>→<red>ISC Class 12 Physics Specimen Paper 2025

<red>→<red>ISC Class 12 Chemistry Specimen Paper 2025

<red>→<red>ISC Class 12 Biology Specimen Paper 2025

<red>→<red>ISC Class 12 Commerce Specimen Paper 2025

<red>→<red>ISC Class 12 Economics Specimen Paper 2025

<red>→<red>ISC Class 12 Accounts Specimen Paper 2025

<red>→<red>ISC Class 12 Business Studies Specimen Paper 2025

<red>→<red>ISC Class 12 Physical Education Specimen Paper 2025

<red>→<red>ISC Class 12 Computer Applications Specimen Paper 2025

Format of Class XII ISC Specimen Paper 2025

By analyzing the format of ISC class 12 specimen paper students will understand the requirement of the final exam paper. Here are some formatting pointers of latest specimen papers.

  • Marks of ISC exam depends on the weightage of practical.
  • Exam conduct for the duration of 3 hours. 
  • Reading time of 15 minutes will be given before the exam. 
  • Paper will be divided into different parts and multiple types of questions will be asked.
  • Students have to attempt all the questions, choices will be given in some questions.

Importance of ISC Class 12th Sample Papers

The Class 12 ISC Specimen Paper 2025 is important for several reasons.

  • Gives a real idea of the format and structure of the actual exam. The specimen paper includes all the different sections and types of questions that appear in the final ISC class 12 exam.
  • Help in identifying strengths and weaknesses and can improve their preparation accordingly.
  • Show the weightage of each section and questions. Help students in their preparation and answer questions in a more efficient and effective manner.

The ISC Class 12 Specimen Paper is an important tool for students preparing for the exam as it provides them with an insight into the actual exam paper. Also, enables them to understand the marking scheme and types of questions that are likely to appear in the exam.

How to use ISC Class 12 Specimen Papers 2025 effectively?

You should take the steps that follow to make the most of the Class 12 ISC Sample papers:

  • First, finish your subject's syllabus and go over the key ideas and equations again.
  • Next, complete the ISC Class 12 Specimen Papers as if it were an exam, that is, in the allotted time frame and without using any outside resources.
  • Next, use the marking scheme and our solutions to double-check your answers. Recognize your shortcomings and areas for development.
  • Lastly, focus on your areas of weakness and practice additional questions related to those subjects. Continue doing this until you feel at ease and competent in handling the paper.

Any ISC Class 12 student who wishes to do well on the examination must have access to the 12th Class ISC Specimen Papers. It provides you with a thorough and realistic preparation and is the closest thing to the real exam paper. It also helps in overcoming your doubts and anxieties. You can make sure you are prepared for the exam by working through the Class 12 ISC Specimen Papers.

We trust that our post has made it easier for you to comprehend the significance and advantages of the ISC Class 12 Specimen Papers.


1. From where to download the ISC Specimen Papers Class 12 for 2024-25 session?

All the specimen papers are available for Class 12 2023-24 session on our website to download in PDF format. It is easy to use because it is available separately for each subject.

2. How to Solve ISC Sample Papers Class 12?

To solve the ISC specimen papers students should first complete the syllabus and then start solving ISC class 12 specimen papers. Start with easy questions and then shift to tough questions.

3. How do ISC Specimen Papers 2024-25 Class 12 help in ISC Exams?

The ISC specimen papers will help students to understand the new exam pattern, marking scheme, mostly asked questions and topics, and weightage of each chapter. 

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