Sample Paper Class 10 2024-25 | PDF Download for CBSE 2025 Exams

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CBSE Sample Paper 2024-25 Class 10 with Solution

The CBSE will soon release the Class 10 Sample Papers for the Board Exams 2024-25 on its official website. Students can download CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10, available with year-wise PDFs and solutions, directly from this page to effectively prepare and enhance their readiness for the upcoming exams.

Class 10 NCERT Book PDFs can help prepare for the exams, but solving CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers can help understand the board exam pattern. It will help students appear more confident on the exam day and strategize accordingly based on the difficulty level of the exam. 

Below are given subject-wise CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper 2024-25 PDFs allowing students to download the latest sample papers. Download and include the sample papers after practicing the Class 10 NCERT Solutions to practice the latest pattern questions. 

You just need to download the CBSE Class 10th Sample Papers and practice as much as you can for all the subjects. Experts and Mentors from the CBSE have created these sample papers for you, according to the most recent syllabus and exam format, to make your study planning easier.

These sample papers are like practice sessions for understanding what kinds of questions you'll face in the board exams. They're great for improving your thinking and answering capabilities, problem-solving, and time management skills too. You can find links below to download the latest CBSE board sample papers. 👇

Click, Download and Happy Learning!

How to Download Class 10 Sample Papers for Board Exams

Sample Paper Class 10 are the best way for students to prepare for the final board exam. With these students can gain the insights of question paper patterns and anticipate the level of complexity they face in exams. These Sample Papers will be a valuable tool for students for exam preparation.

<red> → <red>CBSE Sample Papers Class 10 English Language and Literature

<red> → <red>CBSE Sample Papers Class 10 Hindi (A)

<red> → <red>CBSE Sample Papers Class 10 Hindi (B)

<red> → <red>CBSE Sample Papers Class 10 Maths (Basic)

<red> → <red>CBSE Sample Papers Class 10 Maths (Standard)

<red> → <red>CBSE Sample Papers Class 10 Science

<red> → <red>CBSE Sample Papers Class 10 Social Science

<red> → <red>CBSE Sample Papers Class 10 Sanskrit

<red> → <red>CBSE Sample Papers Class 10 Computer Application

<red> → <red>CBSE Sample Papers Class 10 Foundations of IT  

Benefits of Solving CBSE 10th Class Sample Paper

Going through sample question papers and practicing them ample times before exams increases your chances of acing the exams with your favourable outcome. Here are a few benefits listed below of studying Class 10 Sample Question Papers:

  • Knowing Exam Format: Sample Papers give you an outlook of the upcoming Board Exams like what the format will be, how the questions will be asked and their marking scheme.
  • Understanding Question Types: By going through sample question papers you will be getting insights on what questions are commonly asked, which chapters have the most asked questions, and what type are the questions.
  • Improved Time Management: Practicing the sample question papers regularly, you’ll gain knowledge about your paper attempting speed. You learn to improve your answering speed which is beneficial to complete your exam within a limited time period.
  • Identification of Weak Areas: Sample papers help you to identify your weak areas, so that you can study according to that and work upon your weaknesses before exams to score high marks.
  • Boosted Confidence: As you become more aware of the content in the sample papers and you start answering it without any fear, you’ll experience a boost in self confidence.
  • Reduction of Exam Stress: Practicing papers can help you reduce your anxiety and exam stress that every student experiences before their exams, as you’ll already know the insights on it. also leading to a boost in morale.

How to Use Class 10th Sample Papers CBSE Effectively for the Boards?

To reap the greatest benefits from the sample papers 2024 Class 10, you must use them effectively. The suggestions that follow will help you make the most of the example papers:

  • Examine the Paper Pattern: Pay close attention to the paper pattern and marking scheme before beginning to solve the example papers. Jot down the number and types of questions, the distribution of marks, and the time allotted. This will assist you in organizing your approach and setting aside time appropriately.
  • Solve Sample Papers as you would in the board exam: Try working through the sample papers in an exam-like setting. As you follow the directions in the paper, set a timer. Don't consult any notes or books while working on it. 
  • Compare your answers to the marking scheme: Examine your performance and note any errors you made. Write down the subjects and questions that you found challenging or in which you made mistakes. Focus on those areas and strengthen your areas of weakness.
  • Rewrite and Practise Often: Make sure the sample papers don't end up collecting dust in your downloads folder. Make frequent practise of them and use them as a tool for revision. Every week, solve at least one sample paper and record your progress. This will boost your confidence and aid in your retention of the ideas and formulas.

CBSE New | Latest Sample Papers Class 10

CBSE New | Latest Sample Papers Class 10th are available to download. You can download the CBSE Sample Papers Class 10th from the official website of CBSE, Students can find out what is expected in their examination by downloading and reviewing these sample papers & Blueprint of class 10  They also help students understand their level of preparation and what they need to work on in order to score better in the examination

What Makes Sample Question Papers Super Important other than all Other Study Material?

Ever wondered why do our parents, elders , teachers, and mentors lay so much weightage on Sample Question Papers? “kuch karo na karo Sample papers jarur karlena” - all students must’ve heard this during our exams preparation period. Well how true is that? Let’s find out!

  • Aligned with Exam Pattern: CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers are of the exact format, structure, exam pattern and difficulty level of an actual board exam This provides the students with a good knowledge of the exam pattern so that they can give their exams without any fear or nervousness related to the exam.
  • Developed by Experts: The CBSE Sample Papers are designed and created by the subject matter experts with the help of equally qualified teachers and experienced mentors who are well educated on the related topics. This makes the content trustworthy, detailed and high quality.
  • Updated Syllabus Coverage: Sample papers are always based on updated syllabus by CBSE board. If there are any latest updates and changes in the format, syllabus or exam patterns it is included in the Sample question papers.
  • Varied Question Types: The Sample Papers consists of various types of questions such as long question type, short question type, application based or multiple choice questions. This helps the students to come across the varieties that could be asked in the actual CBSE Class 10 board exam paper. 
  • Model Answers Provided: CBSE Class 10 Sample question papers come with the model answers provided which lets the students take a self-assessment of their knowledge through the marking criteria and answers provided in the papers.
  • Official Endorsement: CBSE Class 10 2024-2025 sample papers are endorsed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), which makes them the authority. Therefore, students can trust the content as it all is according to CBSE guidelines and updates.
  • Great Coverage: The syllabus is covered for each subject and each chapter in CBSE Class 10 Sample question papers. This makes it useful for the students as all the chapters and topics are included in the paper banks.
  • Readily Accessible: CBSE Class 10 Sample Question Papers are widely available to all the students online and offline both making it easily accessible for all the appearing candidates across different locations and backgrounds.

Strategies for Tackling CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers:

  • Know the Format: Know and understand the structure of the 2024-2025 CBSE board examinations. This will get you used to exam pattern and questions asked.
  • Time Yourself: Take your own exams by sample question papers and  tackle your finishing speed. This will help you get an idea of your speed to improve it.
  • Start Easy: Always attempt questions which you are confident about. This helps you gain confidence and a boost in momentum. 
  • Read Carefully: Don’t Panic. Don’t Rush! Stay calm and answer each question by reading carefully to understand it better.
  • Attempt Everything: Never leave any question unattempt unless it’s a choice  question. Attempt even if you don’t know the answer. There are partial marks for trying.
  • Review Your Answers: Revision is the KEY, Guys! Always revise and go through after attempting the Sample question papers to identify if there are any mistakes done in the rush.
  • Practice Regularly: Practice makes a man perfect! Keep a check on your knowledge by regularly practicing and get perfect at what you do.
  • Ask for Help: Never get scared if you’re stuck somewhere. Go to your elders, teachers or colleagues. Never hesitate to reach out.
  • Learn from Mistakes: Identify your weak areas and work on them. Give them more priority until you can solve them at one go.
  • Stay Positive: It’ll all go good, trying and putting efforts is what matters. Always be optimistic and give your best with full body and mind in whatever you do. ( Not only exams,  but life tips too ;))


1. From where to download the latest CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper for 2025 Exams?

The Central Board of Secondary Education will soon release the sample paper for class 10 2024-25 exams. Students can download the sample papers for class 10 for every subject from here- Class 10 SQP

2. What are the advantages of Solving Sample Paper Class 10?

For class 10, solving sample paper comes with a lot of benefits. The first and the most important being that it helps the students in understanding the pattern of the paper, as CBSE keeps on changing the syllabus from year to year. Other benefits include- self-assessment, time-management, strategic preparation etc

3. Did CBSE release the Sample Paper for Class 10?

CBSE will soon release the sample paper for class 10 2025 on its official website. You can also download the latest sample paper for each subject for class 10 from our website- 

Every student must solve the sample paper as it will help them to get an idea about the paper pattern they will be facing in boards.


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