CBSE Sample Paper 2023-24 Class 12 | Free PDF Download

Official CBSE Class 12 Sample Paper 2023-24 | PDF Download

CBSE Class 12 Sample Paper are uploaded on the academic website of CBSE. As we predicted, the Sample Papers are filled with competency-based questions that evaluate students’ skills on an inferential level.

So, concept clarity has to be the most important focus for students now. Download the Sample Papers and Marking Scheme from the table given below and be ready for the biggest launch of Sample Paper books.

CBSE Sample Paper 2023-24 Class 12

Class 12 (Subject) Sample Question Paper &
Marking Scheme Solutions
Physics SQP + MS
Chemistry SQP + MS
Biology SQP + MS
Mathematics SQP + MS
English Core SQP + MS
Physical Education SQP + MS
Business Studies SQP + MS

Class 12 (Subject) Sample Question Paper &
Marking Scheme Solutions
Economics SQP + MS
Hindi Core SQP + MS
Accountancy SQP + MS
Psychology SQP + MS
Computer Science SQP + MS

CBSE Class 12 Sample Paper Download is the best way to prepare for your upcoming CBSE exam. These sample papers will help the students to get an idea about the pattern of questions and the level of difficulty that they can expect in their exams.

CBSE  Accounts Sample Papers Class 12

CBSE  Sample Papers  Class 12 Biology

CBSE Sample Papers Class 12 Chemistry

CBSE  Sample Papers Class 12 Physics

CBSE  Economics Sample Papers Class 12

CBSE  Business Studies Sample Papers Class 12

CBSE  English Sample Papers Class 12 (Core)

CBSE  Hindi Sample Papers Class 12 (Core)

CBSE  Sample Papers Class 12 Maths

CBSE  Physical Education Sample Papers Class 12

CBSE  Psychology Sample Papers Class 12

CBSE  Sample Paper 2023-24 Class 12 PDF

These CBSE sample papers 2023 files are not just there to stay in the Downloads folder of your computer. To solve these Sample Papers, you must also know their importance so that you can make the best use of them.

CBSE Class 12 Sample Paper

Some points which are must to keep in mind after download of sample papers class 12 and begin to solve these sample papers.

Here are some points that you must keep in mind after you download these sample  paper class 12 and begin to solve these Sample Papers.

  • Sample Papers provides an idea of the latest paper pattern and marking scheme to teachers and students. It is important to know and understand this pattern so that planning to prepare for the exams is done accordingly.
  • Teachers can use these papers for prior evaluation of how the students are preparing for the Board exams. On the other hand, students can gain good practice by solving as many Sample Papers as they can to self assess their mistakes and avoid them in the future.
  • The more Sample Papers students will solve, the more their speed and ability to write the answers impressively increase. This will help increase their speed and efficiency.

Best Sample Paper Class 12 CBSE 2024

The first thing to do is to determine the requirements of your paper. If you're looking for a question bank that will help you score high, then go for one that is written by experts in your subject or topic. Class 12th is not an easy task. There are many aspects that you need to consider before picking one.

The following points will give you a clear idea of how to go about it:

  • The first thing that you should do is make sure that the sample paper is irrelevant to your syllabus. If it’s not, then there is no point in going ahead with it. You can always find a different sample paper online or ask your teachers for help.
  • It is important to look at the length and complexity of the sample papers well. You don't want something too difficult or too easy, so make sure you pick one which has an appropriate level of difficulty and content depth.

CBSE New | Latest Class 12 Sample Paper

CBSE New | Latest Sample Papers Class 12th are available to download. You can download the CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12th from the official website of CBSE,

Students can find out what is expected in their examination by downloading and reviewing these sample papers & Blueprint of class 12  They also help students understand their level of preparation and what they need to work on in order to score better in the examination.

Importance of Class 12 CBSE Sample Question Paper

Importance of sample question papers depends on these points:

  • Sample Questions papers are like practice tests that students can solve to prepare for the Exam.
  • Students can use these to update their syllabus in a short time
  • Students can develop their time management abilities by set a deadline themselves to complete these sample questions papers
  • Answering sample questions papers can also help you keep track of your improvement
  • You can determine your strengths and weak areas and then work on them in the right order.
  • The practice of taking mock tests can boost your self-confidence and can even correct your mistakes prior to your actual test.
  • This CBSE 12 Practice Questions paper 2024 is the most useful resource for students preparing for Exams.

How To Use CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 2023-24 ?

Here are some ways to use sample papers at there capacity:

  • Analyze the pattern of the question paper with focus and write down the key aspects.
  • Find out the gravity for each chapter.
  • Search for numerical questions. the chapters that are the ones that are being asked.
  • Review the levels of difficulty for the questions.
  • Memorise your notes and see whether you missed any crucial aspect.
  • If it is, then note it down
  • Start the CBSE SAMPLE PAPER 2024 Class 12,try to complete it within the given time.
  • Then get it reviewed by your teacher or tutor or verify yourself using the aid of the marking scheme provided with the exam paper.

Why Educart CBSE Sample Paper 2023-24 Class 12 Solutions?

Here’s why:

  • According to CBSE criteria, we have collected all questions from each subject here and removed the areas that are not covered in the syllabus. 
  • All our sample papers are similar to the CBSE 12th board examinations 2024, and as you practice more and more, you gain clarity before the final term.
  • CBSE sample paper and marking scheme solutions are also available for download in pdf format. 
  • We add self practice papers in our sample paper book. Students can use it as an actual exam with a timer and analyze their progress. You can find the answers of those questions on our website by scanning the QR code given at the bottom of the page.
  • Students can outperform in less time with the solutions we provide. Practice each set to get familiar with the paper pattern and answer writing.


1. From where to download the latest CBSE Class 12 Sample Paper for 2023-24 Exams?

The Central Board of Secondary Education has released the sample paper 2023-24 for class 12 exams. Students can download the sample paper 2023-24 for every subject from here- Class 12 SQP 2023-24. Solving sample paper comes with a lot of benefits for students. 

2. What are the advantages of Solving Sample Paper Class 12?

Solving sample paper has a lot of benefits for class 12 students. The first and the most important being that it helps the students in understanding the paper pattern, as CBSE keeps on changing the syllabus from year after year. Self-assessment, time-management, strategic preparation etc. are some of its other benefits. 

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