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There are various government websites helping students to perform in their exams to the best of their abilities. One such website is DoE (Department of Education, Delhi) that helps students with various resources, such as practice papers. These practice papers can be used by the students to get the idea of expected questions in the examination and can help them to get deeper conceptual clarity.

At Educart, we provide all these reliable resources to our students so that they achieve their dream marks in the examinations. In the table given below, all PDF links to downloadable files are provided. You can easily download them directly without traversing through various websites on the Internet.

<red> → <red>CBSE Class 9 English L&L Practice Paper PDF

<red> → <red>CBSE Class 9 Hindi A Practice Paper PDF

<red> → <red>CBSE Class 9 Hindi B Practice Paper PDF

<red> → <red>CBSE Class 9 Maths Standard Practice Paper PDF

<red> → <red>CBSE Class 9 Science Practice Paper PDF

<red> → <red>CBSE Class 9 Social Science Practice Paper PDF

<red> → <red>CBSE Class 9 Sanskrit Practice Paper PDF

Let us help you with some tips on how to use the above practice papers as well. Read the points given below.

  1. Differentiate the questions in 3 categories: easy, average and difficult.
  2. After differentiating the questions, look at the syllabus and see by yourself whether the questions of the above practice papers cover all the topics from your class 9 syllabus. Doing this will make you confident enough to revise and practice these above practice papers.
  3. Put a mark separately on those questions in which you found the maximum level of difficulty while practicing and remember to practice them before the exam at least 3 times.
  4. Make a note of questions from important concepts which came before you while practicing.
  5. Use pomodoro technique to solve the questions that go like this ‘study 25 minutes and take 5 minutes break’.
  6. Don’t solve the practice papers reluctantly, these papers are going to form your foundation for the real examination. Therefore, try to get the maximum output from these papers. 

All the best!!

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