ICSE Syllabus Class 10 2022-23

As you study the ICSE Syllabus closely, you will notice that it covers a lot of subjects and topics, making it challenging for a lot of students. However, the purpose of this is to provide extensive knowledge of all these subjects and groom the students with exceptional management skills.

By checking the syllabus, students can plan their strategy accordingly. In the PDF all the information is given, such as topic distribution according to marks and exam pattern for a particular subject.

In the table given below, we have provided ICSE Class 10 Syllabus PDF downloads for the 2022-23 session.


Subjects Reduced & Bifurcated Syllabus
English View
Hindi View
Mathematics View
Physics View
Chemistry View
Biology View
History and Civics View
Geography View
Physical Education View
Computer Applications View

Here are some tips that you can follow in order to get desired marks in your examination!

  1. Make a schedule and follow it consistently.
  2. Create short notes of all the subjects and keep the separate times for revision for the previously studied topics.
  3. Focus on practising more number of previous year's papers for class 10.
  4. Give more time to subjects like Mathematics and Science that require deeper conceptual clarity.

All the best for your examinations! 

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