ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Syllabus 2024 | Free PDF

Latest ICSE 2023-24 Syllabus Mathematics Class 10

CISCE has made no changes in their ICSE Class 10 syllabus for the 2023-24 academic session. Unlike other boards, CISCE uploads a bulk of syllabus and specimen papers for the coming years. But so far there have been no changes in both.

So, let’s start building a foundation for ICSE 2024 board exams with chapter-wise syllabus. Below, you can download the ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Syllabus PDF for the session 2024.

2023-24 Latest Syllabus For ICSE Class 10 Maths

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2022-23 Reduced Syllabus for Class 10 ICSE

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UNIT Sub Unit Marks
1. Commercial Mathematics (i) Goods and Services Tax (GST)
(ii) Banking
2. Algebra (i) Linear Inequations
(ii) Quadratic Equations in one variable
(iii)Ratio and Proportion
(iv) Factorisation of polynomials
(v) Matrices
(vi) Arithmetic Progression
(vii) Coordinate Geometry
3. Geometry (i) Similarity
(ii) Circles
4. Mensuration Area and volume of solids – Cylinder, Cone and Sphere.
5. Trigonometry (i) Using Identities to prove simple algebraic trigonometric expressions
(ii) Heights and distances: Solving 2-D problems involving angles of elevation and depression using trigonometric tables.
6. Statistics (a) Computation of Measures of Central Tendency
(b) Graphical Representation Histograms and Less than Ogive.
7. Probability Random experiments, Sample space, Events, definition of probability, Simple problems on single events.
Two Assignments
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