Chemistry Specimen Paper 2025 ICSE Class 10 Free PDF Download

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Chemistry Specimen Paper 2024 ICSE Class X

At Educart, we always make sure to update you about the latest changes and releases from CISCE as soon as possible. And we will keep doing so in the future! From the table given below, you can download direct files for ICSE Chemistry Specimen Papers 2025.

Class 10 Chemistry Specimen Papers Direct PDF Download
Specimen Paper 2024-25 Download
Specimen Paper 2023-24 Download
Specimen Paper 2022-23 Download
Specimen Paper 2021-22 (Sem 2) Download
Specimen Paper 2021-22 (Sem 1) Download
Specimen Paper 2018-19 Download
Specimen Paper 2016-17 Download

How to use 10th Class Chemistry Specimen Paper ICSE effectively?

Given below are some important tips that each student should follow in order to make use of the ICSE 2025 Chemistry specimen papers class 10 effectively: 

  • Complete the practice questions in a setting similar to the exam: Try to finish the paper in the allocated time after setting a timer. Your speed, accuracy, and time management will all increase as a result.
  • Compare your responses to the marking guidelines and solutions: Once the paper has been solved, compare your responses to the CISCE's marking guidelines and solutions. This will assist you in determining your errors, knowledge gaps, and development opportunities.
  • Examine your performance and address your areas of weakness: Examine your performance and note the subjects or queries that you felt were challenging or unclear. Once you feel confident, review those topics again and practice answering more questions.
  • Don't limit yourself to a single specimen paper: instead, repeat the technique with several specimen papers. To get exposed to a range of questions and themes, try to complete as many sample papers as you can. Additionally, this will lessen your exam anxiety and help you become more confident.

Benefits of Chemistry Class 10 ICSE Specimen Paper

The Class 10th Chemistry Specimen papers ICSE solved have many benefits for students who are preparing for the board exam. Such as:

  • They help with comprehension of the format and type of the questions: You will become acquainted with the structure, format, and marks distribution of the chemistry paper by working through the sample papers. Also, you will learn about the different types of questions that are asked, including objective, short responses, lengthy answers, and so forth.
  • They assist you in revising the complete syllabus: Every subject and chapter in the chemistry syllabus is covered in the sample papers. You will be able to thoroughly and methodically go over the entire syllabus by working through them.
  • They assist you in evaluating your knowledge and abilities: The sample papers are made to assess your chemistry knowledge, comprehension, application, and analytical abilities. By figuring them out, you'll be able to evaluate your knowledge of the subject and make the necessary corrections.
  • They assist you in raising your rank and score: The sample exams are designed to be of the same caliber and complexity as the real board exam. You will be able to raise your exam score and rank better by solving them, which will enhance your accuracy, speed, and problem-solving abilities.


1. Did ICSE release their Specimen Papers for Class 10 Chemistry 2025?

Yes, ICSE has released their chemistry specimen papers 2025 for class 10. You can download the latest 2025 specimen paper for class 10 chemistry from here- Class 10 Chemistry Specimen Paper 2025

2. Did ICSE revise their Specimen Papers for Class 10 Chemistry?

Yes, CISCE has revised the Chemistry specimen paper for class 10. It is important for students to be familiar with the new specimen papers as it will help them to get an idea about the paper pattern they will be facing in boards.

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