NCERT English Language and Literature Class 9 Textbook PDF Download

NCERT Class 9 English Book (L&L)- PDF Download

NCERT Books hold the most important role in Class 9 to 12 exam preparation. Every session begins with reading and understanding the concepts of the NCERT textbooks and exemplar books. NCERT 9th Class English Book (L&L) is curated to expand students’ vocabulary, academic & overall growth, and communication skills.  It will help in strengthening the foundation of students in language and literature skills, especially those who want to explore the world of language & literature in the future. Below, we have provided direct download links to (L&L) NCERT Books - Beehive and Moments; both combined and separate chapter-wise PDFs.

Class 9 Beehive (Prose) Chapters

Chapters PDF Downloads
Chapter 1 The Fun they Had
Chapter 2 The Sound of Music
Chapter 3 The Little Girl
Chapter 4 A Truly Beautiful Mind
Chapter 5 The Snake and the Mirror
Chapter 6 My Childhood
Chapter 7 Reach for the Top
Chapter 8 Kathmandu
Chapter 9 If I Were You

Class 9 Beehive (Poetry) Chapters

Poems PDF Downloads
Poem 1 The Road Not Taken
Poem 2 Wind
Poem 3 Rain on the Roof
Poem 4 The Lake Isle of Innisfree
Poem 5 A Legend of the Northland
Poem 6 No Men are Foreign
Poem 7 On Killing a Tree
Poem 8 A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

NCERT Class 9 Beehive Book(Prose) PDF

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NCERT Class 9 Beehive Book(Poetry) PDF

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Class 9 Moments Chapters

Chapters PDF Downloads
Chapter 1 The Lost Child
Chapter 2 The Adventures of Toto
Chapter 3 Iswaran the Storyteller
Chapter 4 In the Kingdom of Fools
Chapter 5 The Happy Prince
Chapter 6 Weathering the Storm in Ersama
Chapter 7 The Last Leaf
Chapter 8 House is not a Home
Chapter 9 The Beggar

NCERT Class 9 Moments Book PDF

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NCERT Class 9 Solutions for English Language and Literature are curated by experienced English subject matter experts and are published after a rigorous editing process. Both poem and prose from both Class 9 English textbooks- Beehive and Moments chapter-wise solutions are available for students to get concept clarity and prepare for the questions better. Download 9th Class NCERT Solutions for English from the link below.

<red> → <red>NCERT English Language and Literature Class 9 Book Solutions PDF

The following chapters are rationalized from the Class 9 NCERT Language and Literature.

Beehive (Prose)

  1. Packing
  2. The Bond of Love

Beehive (Poem)

  1. The Duck and The Kangaroo
  2. The Snake Trying


  1. The Accidental Tourists 

Importance Of NCERT 9th Class English (Language & Literature)

Once a student starts their academic journey, the importance of the English language is taught to them and the language subject remains with them till they complete their senior schooling. The books are authored by expert SMEs and go through a rigorous process before getting published for everyone’s access by NCERT. 

There are more than many reasons why the class 9th English (L&L) book NCERT is included in the class 9 syllabus. 

  • For the overall development of comprehension and communication skills that are essential in both real and academic life, English books play a significant role. 
  • For exam preparations and achieving dream scores, studying from NCERT will help significantly as it covers all the topics and concepts in detail.
  • To connect the dots after analyzing texts, and improving critical-thinking skills, NCERT 9th English (L&L) plays a significant role.
  • The language is globally used and learning it will be significant when introducing them to different cultures.

How to Prepare from NCERT 9th English Books Language and Literature Effectively?

Students are advised to start preparing from NCERT 9th textbooks to score well in the exam and to create a strong foundation for the higher classes. Studying in the right way from NCERT books can be beneficial for students. Below are mentioned some tips that can help students prepare in a better way.

  1. Thoroughly Study from NCERT 

Before skimming thoroughly from the English Language and Literature Class 9 NCERT textbooks, understand the syllabus and make a list of all the chapters. Identify the important chapters, challenging chapters, and easy chapters, and allow enough time for every chapter.  Don’t skip any chapters because it is easy or least important. 

Read the chapter introduction to get an idea about what the chapter is about. Skim through the chapter line-by-line and even include the reading through the in-text information. 

  1. Make Notes

Students can divide the chapters into multiple topics and then go through them for an easy grasp of concepts. Try to write a summary of the concepts revised then crosscheck it from the NCERT Language and Literature textbook. 

Keep highlighting the doubts and clear them from YouTube videos or by asking the teachers. The notes are really helpful during the revision time as they will include all the important points in easy language.

  1. Attempt Questions from NCERT Exercise

The Class 9 NCERT textbooks include solved as well practice questions ranging from easy to difficult. After grasping a concept, attempt questions related to the topic without looking for the NCERT solutions first. Attempt examples, in-text questions, and exercise questions and can also include NCERT Exemplar to practice high-level questions. Keep accessing performance and modify the strategy if needed. 

Students need to understand that practicing regularly will improve their performance and they will appear confident in the exam and can score their dream marks. Students can download the class 9th English book PDF from the official site and can download it from the links provided in the above section. 

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