CBSE Class 9 Hindi B Practice Papers

Hindi is a phonetic language, it is widely used in communication and the official language of our country. Therefore, it becomes really important for all of us to understand the Hindi language completely from top to bottom. The Indian government is also recommending schools to focus more on teaching Hindi. Not only CBSE & ICSE provide good materials for Hindi but DoE (Department of Education, Delhi) also provides a great many reliable resources.

Here at Educart we try to give our students some of the most authentic resources.In the table provided below, we have added the downloadable links for the Hindi Practice Papers uploaded by DoE on their website. You can download them without requiring to login.


Practice Papers Marking Scheme Solutions
Set 1 Download
Set 2 Download
Set 3 Download
Set 4 Download
Set 5 Download
Set 6 Download
Set 7 Download
Set 8 Download
Set 9 Download
Set 10 Download
Set 11 Download
Set 12 Download
Set 13 Download
Set 14 Download
Set 15 Download

We hope that you ace your Hindi examination and stay connected to your ancient roots by learning Hindi language more intensely.

All the best!

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