CBSE Class 9 Science Practice Papers Free PDF for 2024 Exams

Science is an interesting subject to study as it develops students’ critical thinking abilities. It allows students to be innovative and that in turn leads to new technological advancements in society. Science has different sub-branches of it such as physics, chemistry, and biology. All the 3 sub-branches of science are essential as they improve the ability to solve practical problems among students. Like CBSE & ICSE, DoE (Department of Education, Delhi) also provides quality resources to study science.

Here at Educart, we provide our students with some of the best reliable resources that help them ace the examinations. 

Edudel Class 9 Practice Papers 


<red> ➜  <red> Class 9 Science Practice Paper Set 1

<red> ➜  <red> Class 9 Science Practice Paper Set 2

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