CBSE Business Studies Class 12 Sample Paper 2024 with Solutions

CBSE Sample Paper For Class 12 Business Studies 2023-24

Are your students finding preparation for the Business Studies Board Exam intimidating? Encourage them to add CBSE Sample Papers to their practice and revision time. Each year CBSE releases these Sample Papers to provide the complete paper pattern to be followed for the Board exams in that respective year.

These Sample Papers are perfect for students who are rather not confident in appearing for Board exams. They are able to overcome exam fear by practicing important questions and learning from their mistakes.

Below, we have provided links to all the available CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Sample Papers and their Marking Scheme Solutions.

Class 12 Business Studies Sample Papers 2024 With Solutions

Business Studies Class 12 Sample Paper With Solution 2023-24

After downloading these files, the students can follow these tips to make the best of them.

  • Solve the Sample Papers as you would solve your Board exam.
  • Time yourself for each question so that you are able to improve efficiency and speed in attempting the paper.
  • Check your answers with the Marking Scheme Solutions to learn some tricks on writing the answers.
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