CBSE Chemistry Class 12 Topper Tips

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Class 12 Topper Tips to Score Maximum Marks in Chemistry

Patience and perseverance are key to success in board exams. Concepts should be clear to get good marks. I scored 98 in my class 12th. The team at Educart Publications approached me intending to help you guys with some of my favourite tips on how to attempt the Chemistry Board Paper in the best way. Read along to know what things I kept in mind to perform so well in the exam.


There are some specific ways that you must follow to attempt the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Board Paper. This includes keeping the following things in mind.

  • Use 15-Minutes Completely: During this paper reading time, you can evaluate which question you have to answer. Also, decide which questions you have to attempt first. Always start with the questions who know perfectly.  
  • Allot Time: Divide the time according to the weightage of the question. 
  • Maintain the Right Order of Questions: Make sure you attempt the right order of different parts of a particular question. For example, if question number 1 has 4 parts namely a,b,c, and d then the order should be the same. 
  • Writing Neatly: While writing the paper, write your answers with proper spacing. Use diagrams, charts, and tables to make your answers more appealing. Maintain proper spacing between two answers. 
  • Differentiate the Text: Use a black pen to write hardlines, and sub-headlines and underline the keyword. 
  • Avoid Grammar Mistakes: It is best to read the sentences you write for any possible spelling or grammar mistakes. 
  • Stick to the Point: Answer the question exactly as it asks. Be specific and do not deviate from the answer.
  • Revise at the End: Leave some time to analyse the questions you were confused about.

Further, you must study the paper pattern in detail. Read the tips given to learn how to attempt each section of the Chemistry paper capably.

  1. Objective Questions: The Chemistry Board Paper will have MCQs, VSAs, Assertion Reason, and Case-based questions.
  • Do not spend more than 2 minutes per question. 
  • In case of Case-based MCQs, read every question carefully and then only choose the answer.
  • If you are unsure about the answer in MCQs, follow the rule of elimination to come up with the right option.
  • In case-based questions, give the passage a quick read and understand what is asked. Then you will easily be able to answer the questions on time. You can attempt these within a few minutes of starting the paper.
  • You don’t need to add any explanations for these questions, so avoid that. You only need a correct answer to score full marks.
  • If you prefer not to copy the equations, mark each question with correct numbering from the question paper. 

  1. Short Answer-type Questions (SA1 and SA2): This section will have 2m and 3m questions.
  • Answer all the questions in bullets to present your answer to the point.
  • Make sure you underline the key points to make it easy for the paper checker to understand your answers.
  • Add diagrams, examples, and reactions wherever possible or needed.
  • Always stick to the point without deviating from what is asked in the question.
  • Write understandable solutions, ensuring good handwriting.
  • Keep the rough work space limited to a margin on the right side of the answer sheet or to another page.
  • As you copy the required part of the question, keep rechecking the values you write. This may include numbers, signs like minus, decimals, percentage, etc., equations, and more. This is counted as one of the most common mistakes.

  1. Long Answer-type Questions: This section will include all 5m questions.
  • Allot the time as per the marks carries by a question. 
  • Write more than 5 important points to score full marks. Briefly explain every point.
  • Re-check if you have not left out any part from a question. A very common mistake!


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