Sample Paper SST Class 10 for 2024 Free PDF with Solutions

CBSE Class 10th Social Science Sample Paper 2023-2024 PDF Download

Are your students finding preparation for the Social Science Board Exam intimidating? Encourage them to add CBSE Sample Papers to their practice and revision time. Each year CBSE releases these SST 10th Class Sample Papers to provide the complete paper pattern to be followed for the Board exams in that respective year.

These Sample Papers are perfect for students who are rather not confident in appearing for Board exams. They are able to overcome exam fears by practicing important questions and learning from their mistakes. 

  • You can improve your accuracy and speed: by working through these sample papers. They also help you practice key questions and learn efficient time management techniques. Also, you can highlight your strong and weak points. 
  • Learn the format of the paper: Sample papers give you the exact layout of the board test, including the quantity and kind of questions, the distribution of marks, and the degree of difficulty. Additionally, you can learn how to format and properly write your responses.
  • Overcome exam anxiety and increase confidence: By providing you with a realistic simulation of the board exam, sample papers make you feel less stressed and anxious. By consulting the marking, you may assess your performance and raise your score.

Download PDF for SST Sample Paper Class 10 2024

You can download the official SST Class X Sample Papers and their Marking Scheme Solutions for the academic year 2023-2024 from the links given below. These sample papers are based on the latest syllabus and exam pattern issued by CBSE. You can access them for free and use them for your practice and revision.

Class 10 Social Science Sample Papers Marking Scheme Solutions
2023-24 Sample Paper Download
2023 Sample Paper Download
Term 2 Sample Paper 21-22 Download
Term 1 Sample Paper 21-22 Download
2021 Sample Paper Download
2020 Sample Paper Download
2019 Sample Paper Download
2018 Sample Paper Download
2017 Sample Paper Download
2016 Sample Paper Download
2015 Sample Paper -

Benefits of Class X Social Science Sample Papers

Students who wish to ace their board examinations will benefit greatly from the CBSE Class 10th SST Sample Papers. These sample papers help you to: 

  • Practice the key inquiries: By completing different kinds of questions, including multiple-choice, short answer, long answer, map work, etc., you can assess your understanding of the Social Science syllabus.
  • Boost your ability to manage your time: You can learn how to manage your time effectively so that you finish the paper in the allotted time. Additionally, you can focus on the questions you can readily answer and avoid wasting time on ones that are tough or lengthy.
  • Boost your self-esteem and reduce your stress: By becoming acquainted with the format and degree of difficulty of the exam, you can conquer your exam anxiety and fear. 

How to Use Social Science Class 10th Sample Paper 2024

You should do the following in order to get the most out of the CBSE Class 10 Social Science Sample Papers:

  • Solve the practice questions in a setting that resembles the exam: Using a stopwatch or timer, try to complete the sample papers in a peaceful, distraction-free environment. You should also write your name, roll number, and other information according to the guidelines and instructions for the board exam.
  • Use the marking scheme solutions to evaluate your performance: You should check your answers with the CBSE marking system solutions after completing the practice papers. You should grade yourself using the standards and instructions provided in the solutions. Along with your score, you should record how long it took you to finish the assignment.
  • Examine your responses and identify your strengths: To determine your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, check for any typical mistakes you made in terms of spelling, punctuation, math, diagrams, and other areas. Additionally, make sure you have addressed every question and followed the structure and word limit.
  • Focus on the areas where you can improve: You should rewrite the ideas and subjects that you felt were unclear or challenging. Additionally, you ought to practice answering questions from various sources—textbooks, reference books, past exam papers, etc.—on those subjects more. Along with this, you should focus on sharpening your presentation, quickness, and accuracy.

SST Sample Paper Class 10 with Solutions are an invaluable tool for students aiming to perform well on their board examinations. They educate students in sharpening critical thinking techniques, enhancing time management abilities, building confidence, and reducing stress. We hope that every student has the greatest possible results on their examinations!


1. From where to download the official CBSE Sample paper Class 10 SST?

You can download the official CBSE Sample paper for class 10 SST from here 

SST Sample paper for class 10 2024 

2. What are the different advantages of Solving CBSE Sample paper Class 10 SST?

For class 10, solving sample paper comes with a lot of benefits. It helps the students to improve their accuracy and speed for the final board SST paper. Especially in SST, students can get an idea about the paper pattern as CBSE often changes the syllabus year after year.

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