CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Sample Paper

Hindi A is a communicative subject that includes the learning of Literature in great detail, including how Prose and Poetry come together to express a language. This is also the reason why this subject needs practice for Board exams, for which the students must have access to some additional examination material.

Given below is a table with all the links to CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Sample Papers of all the years made available till now. Anyone can download these PDF files to their system for offline use. Also, there is no need to enter any login information to download them.

Once the students have downloaded these files, they can go through the pattern of the paper, solve the questions, and learn from their mistakes using this Marking Scheme Solutions.

Class 10 Hindi A Sample Papers Marking Scheme Solutions
Term 1 2021 Sample Paper Download
2021 Sample Paper Download
2020 Sample Paper Download
2019 Sample Paper Download
2018 Sample Paper Download
2017 Sample Paper Download
2016 Sample Paper -
2015 Sample Paper -

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