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Latest: ISC Class 12 Compulsory English Syllabus 2024-25

ISC is a prominent examination board in India, known for its comprehensive syllabus, particularly in English. The syllabus covers essential aspects of grammar that are important for students' advancement in both language and literature. English, being a primary language, demands a high level of proficiency, and this is reflected in the difficulty level of the question papers. Therefore, students preparing for the Class 12 ISC English examination need to thoroughly understand the syllabus, question paper pattern, and the allocation of marks for each section.

Download free PDFs Class 12 English Syllabus for the 2024-25 session. 

2024-25 Latest Syllabus 

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ISC Class 12 2024-25 Compulsory English Subject Paper Pattern

CISCE has designed its English Language curriculum to develop listening abilities for the students so that they can easily understand and evaluate information effectively. The curriculum of English also focuses on enhancing speaking skills and encouraging students to express themselves confidently, whether individually or in group discussions. 

The literature curriculum is designed to enjoy and appreciate literature through a critical study of selected literary works. The language curriculum emphasizes the development of reading comprehension by teaching students to grasp information directly from texts or infer it through understanding grammar, structure, vocabulary, and context. Lastly, it aims to refine writing skills by teaching students to employ various techniques such as argumentation, imagination, and summarization within specific frameworks.

The subject of English is compulsory for ISC class 12. This paper has two components, English Language and Literature in English. Each of these components will consist of a Theory Paper of 80 Marks and Project Work of 20 Marks.

Paper 1: English Language

Paper 2: Literature in English

English Language: Marks Distribution

There will be two papers in English Language:

Paper I: Theory (3 hours): 80 Marks

Paper II: Project Work: 20 Marks 

Literature In English (Prescribed Texts): Marks Distribution

There will be two papers in Literature in English:

Paper I: Theory (3 hours): 80 Marks

Paper II: Project Work: 20 Marks

ISC Syllabus Class 12: English Language: Paper I - Theory

The ISC English Language Theory Paper will consist of four questions from the topics mentioned below:

ISC Syllabus Class 12 English Language Paper 2025 

Topic Marks
1. Composition 80
2. (a) Directed writing
(b) Proposal writing
3. Short-answer questions to test grammar, structure and usage.
4. Comprehension.

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ISC Class 12 Syllabus

ISC English Langauge Syllabus Class 12: Project Work 

  • Project Work in Class XII consists of an assessment of candidates in three projects, one each on Listening, Speaking, and Writing skills. 
  • Listening and Speaking skills are to be assessed internally, by the School, during English coursework in Class XII. 
  • Writing Skills are to be assessed externally by the Visiting Examiner, appointed locally, and approved by CISCE.
  • Details of assignments for Project Work are given below:

Listening Skills (to be internally assessed by the subject teacher) 

An unseen passage of about 500 words may be read aloud, twice, the first time at normal reading speed (about 110 words a minute) and the next time at a slower speed. The passage may be taken from any novel, newspaper, magazine article, journal, and so on but not from an ICSE or ISC textbook. Students may make brief notes during the readings followed by answering objective-type questions based on the passage, on the paper provided.

Speaking Skills (to be internally assessed by the subject teacher)

Students are to be assessed through an individual presentation of about three minutes followed by a discussion with the subject teacher, for another two or three minutes.

Some of the themes which may be addressed are:

1. Narrating an experience

2. Giving directions or instructions on how to make

or operate something

3. Providing a description

4. Giving a report

5. Expressing an opinion or a theme-based conversation

Writing Skills (to be externally assessed by the Visiting Examiner)

A piece of written work of about 500 words must be produced.

List of suggested assignments for Project Work:

1. The text of a brochure

2. A product description

3. A process description (e.g. instruction to operate

a device, a recipe, a scientific experiment)

4. Description of a sporting event

5. An autobiographical experience

6. Review of a television serial

ISC English Syllabus Class 12: Literature in English 

Candidates will be required to answer questions based on the prescribed textbooks, which include Drama, Prose (Short Stories) and Poetry

I. DRAMA: Macbeth: William Shakespeare (Acts III, IV & V)

II. PRISM: A Collection of ISC Short Stories (Evergreen Publications)

1. Atithi / Guest – Rabindranath Tagore

2. The Cookie Lady – Philip K. Dick

3. There Will Come Soft Rains – Ray Bradbury

4. Indigo – Satyajit Ray

5. The Medicine Bag – Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve

III. RHAPSODY: A Collection of ISC Poems (Evergreen Publications) 

1. Telephone Conversation – Wole Soyinka

2. Tithonus – Alfred, Lord Tennyson

3. Beethoven – Shane Koyczan

4. Small Towns and the River – Mamang Dai

5. Death be not Proud – John Donne

ISC Literature in English Syllabus Class 12: Project Work

Project Work in Class XII consists of an assessment of Writing Skills which are to be assessed internally by the subject teacher and externally by the Visiting Examiner appointed locally and approved by CISCE.

Candidates will be required to undertake one written assignment of 1000-1500 words, which should be structured as given below:

A. The written assignment must be given a title in the form of a question which should allow the candidate to explore the drama or the chosen short stories/poems in depth.

B. The written assignment must follow the structure given below:


  • Explanation of the question that has been framed
  • Reason for choosing the text
  • A brief explanation of how the candidate intends to interpret the chosen text and literary materials used in the process

Main Body – organized and well-structured treatment of the question using appropriate sub-headings.

Conclusion – a comprehensive summary of the points made in the main body.

Note: The text/texts analyzed in the Class XI Project Work must not be repeated in Class XII. 

List of suggested assignments for Project Work:

1. Analysis of a theme from any short story/poem in the prescribed texts.

2. Analysis of a character from the drama or any short story/poem in the prescribed texts.

3. Background – historical, cultural, literary context and relevance of the writer/poet chosen.

4. Summary/paraphrase of the chosen text.

5. Appreciation of literary qualities of the chosen text.

6. Identifying with a character in the chosen text and presenting his/her personal perspective.

7. Imagining an alternate outcome or ending or extension of the chosen text and its impact on the plot/setting/characters/mood and tone.

8. A script for dramatization, based on the short story/poem chosen.

9. Writing a short story based on a poem.

10. Comparing and contrasting two characters/themes from different short stories/poems of the prescribed texts.

To get more detailed information about ISC Compulsory English Syllabus 2024-2025 download the pdf provided above. 

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