NCERT Biology Textbook Class 12 | Free PDF Download for 2025 Exams

Biology Class 12 NCERT Book PDF

The NCERT Class 12 Biology textbook is the foremost priority of the students preparing for their CBSE board exams and various competitive exams like NEET. The NCERT textbooks provide a deep and thorough understanding of biological concepts, making them an essential tool for success. Biology is a theoretical subject and students can effectively use the Class 12 NCERT textbook for Biology for note-making. Just like Biology, the Class 12 Math NCERT textbook for effective exam preparation. 

This book covers all the important topics and concepts that are prescribed in the NCERT Curriculum and CBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus. Below is easy access to the complete book PDF as well as the chapter-wise PDF to easily download. Below is given easy access to the complete book PDF as well as chapter-wise PDF to easily download.

Chapter No. Download Chapter-wise Biology PDF
Chapter 1 Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants
Chapter 2 Human Reproduction
Chapter 3 Reproductive Health
Chapter 4 Principles of Inheritance and Variation
Chapter 5 Molecular Basis Of Inheritance
Chapter 6 Evolution
Chapter 7 Human Health and Disease
Chapter 8 Microbes In Human Welfare
Chapter 9 Biotechnology Principles and Processes
Chapter 10 Biotechnology and Its Applications
Chapter 11 Organisms and Populations
Chapter 12 Ecosystem
Chapter 13 Biodiversity and Conservation

NCERT Biology Class 12 Book PDF

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Structure of the NCERT Class 12 Biology Textbook 

The NCERT Biology Class 12 book is structured to cover the entire syllabus prescribed by CBSE. This book is divided into five units, Here is a detailed breakdown of the Units:

Part 1: Reproduction 

  • Chapter 2: Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants: It includes a detailed exploration of the reproductive parts of flowering plants and pollination mechanisms. 
  • Chapter 3: Human Reproduction: this provides comprehensive information on the Human reproductive system, including the anatomy and physiology of male and female reproductive organs. 
  • Chapter 4: Reproductive Health: Explains multiple aspects of reproductive health, including contraception and reproductive technologies. 

Part 2: Genetics and Evolution 

  • Chapter 5: Principles of Inheritance and Variation: Explain Mendelian concepts, and the laws of inheritance including the concept of dominance and recessiveness.
  • Chapter 6: Molecular Basis Of Inheritance: Covers the  Molecular structure of DNA and RNA, Mechanism of replication, translation, and regulation of genes. 
  • Chapter 7: Evolution: Includes theories of Evolution, including Darwin's theory of natural selection and the evolutionary history of Humans. 

Part 3: Biology and Human Welfare

  • Chapter 8: Human Health and Disease: focuses on common diseases such as bacterial, and viral infections, and also discusses immunity and vaccines.
  • Chapter 10: Microbes in Human Welfare: Explores the role of microbes in various industries such as agriculture, medicine, etc. 

Part 4: Biotechnology 

  • Chapter 11: Biotechnology- Principles and processes: Introduces the principles of biotechnology, including genetic engineering.
  • Chapter 12: Biotechnology and its Applications: Explains applications of biotechnology in agriculture and medicine. 

Part 5: Ecology

  • Chapter 13: Organisms and Populations: Provide knowledge of Population levels, including concepts like species interactions. 
  • Chapter 14: Ecosystem: Explains the structure and function of ecosystems, food webs, and food chains.
  • Chapter 15: Biodiversity and Conservation: Focuses on the importance of biodiversity, and conservation methods. 

There are a total of 16 chapters but some of the chapters have been rationalised:

  • Chapter 1: Reproduction in Organism 
  • Chapter 9: Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
  • Chapter 16: Environmental Issues

Importance of NCERT Class 12 Biology Textbook

The Class 12 NCERT Biology book is known for its clarity of concepts. Here are some reasons why it is the foremost choice of Students: 

  • The textbook is mostly famous for its alignment with the CBSE curriculum, which ensures that students are well-prepared for their board exams. 
  • They are designed to provide concept clarity in an easy-to-understand and reliable format. 
  • The textbook includes detailed diagrams that help with visual learning and better retention of information. 
  • Each chapter contains numerous practice questions, including multiple-choice, short-answer, and long-answer questions, which are important for exam preparation. 

Downloading the NCERT Class 12 Biology PDF offers various advantages: 

  • You can carry the PDF version on your phone, tablet, or laptop, making it easy to study anywhere. 
  • Using PDFs reduces paper consumption, and hence also helps in environment conservation. 
  • PDFs allow you to quickly research specific topics, this helps you in saving time. 

How to download the NCERT Class 12 Biology Textbook PDF?

With the increase in the world of digitization, accessing the NCERT Biology Class 12 PDF Free Download has become a popular choice among students. Here are some easy ways to download the NCERT 12th Biology Textbook PDF:

The official  NCERT Website is an easy source for downloading the NCERT Class 12 Biology PDF:

  1. Visit the official NCERT website.
  2. Navigate to the publication section and select PDF( I-XII) 
  3. Choose Class 12 and then Biology
  4. You will get your NCERT Class 12 Biology PDF.

You can also get access to NCERT Book PDF Class 12 Biology on various educational websites or from Educart. Here is a link to help you get access to the book: NCERT 12 Biology Book PDF Download.

Study Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Preparation. 

To make the  most out of the NCERT Class 12 Biology books, consider following some study tips such as: 

  1. Take Notes: While studying make concise notes of important points, definitions, and diagrams, these notes will be handy for quick revision before exams. 
  2. Teach others: Try the teaching back Method, Teaching a concept to someone else is one of the best ways to retain your understanding and learning. 
  3. Regular testing: Regular testing also plays an important role in your preparation. Take regular mock tests and quizzes to assess your knowledge, identify weaker areas, and try to improve them. 
  4. Solve Practice Questions: Remember to solve practice questions provided at the end of each chapter, this will help you improve your problem-solving skills.
  5. Understand the Concept: Focus on Understanding the concepts rather than memorising them. 
  6. Use Diagrams: Biology is a collection of various detailed diagrams, Pay special attention to the diagrams and illustrations. Practice drawing and labelling them.
  7. Use Supplementary Resources: While the NCERT book is concise and comprehensive, using supplementary resources like reference books, online lectures, and practice papers can help you understand complex concepts. 

The NCERT Class 12 Biology is an essential resource and should be a priority for a student aiming to excel in their board exams and competitive exams like NTA NEET. The comprehensive and easy-to-understand content makes it a top choice among students and educators. Remember to use the study tips provided to maximize your learning and achieve success in Biology. 

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