Hindi A Syllabus Class 10 2024-25 | PDF Download for 2025 Board Exams

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CBSE Class 10 Hindi Course-A Full Syllabus 2024-25

We all have grown up listening to the stories about “Pyasa Kauwa”, “Kharghosh aur Kachuhe ki Kahani”, “Chacha Chowdhary” and many more. Our roots are connected to the Hindi Language so you may understand why Hindi is an important language. To help students get well-versed in comprehension passages, and improve writing and grammatical skills, as well as the literature section is well concluded in the CBSE Class 10 Hindi Syllabus. 

To understand chapters in the literature section listed in Hindi Syllabus Class 10 for 2024-25, NCERT Hindi Book Class 10 PDF free download is the best choice. The book includes both poems and prose with questions to practice and it is sufficient to score 90% in the CBSE board exams. 

The Class 10 Hindi Syllabus 2024-25 has been released and we were prompt about the prediction of the changes. Below, we have provided you with a simple analysis of the Class 10 Hindi A Syllabus, along with:

  • PDF download -> 2023-24 (latest) and past year CBSE Syllabus Class 10 Hindi
  • Detailed analysis -> deleted and added topics/ chapters

Hindi Syllabus Class 10 for 2024-25

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2023-24 Hindi Syllabus Class 10

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Students may often be confused between the syllabus of Class 10 Hindi A & Class 10 Hindi B. Hindi Course A Syllabus is about Literature & focuses on Prose and Poetry. Hindi Course B syllabus is for students who want to go with the language.

CBSE Class 10 Hindi–A 2024–25 Syllabus: Chapters Deleted

क्षितिज भाग 2 

काव्य खंड

  1. देव सवैया और कवित्त- (पूरा पाठ)
  2. गिरिजा कुमार माथुर- छाया मत छूना- (पूरा पाठ)
  3. कन्यादान - ऋतुराज- (पूरा पाठ)

गद्य खंड

  1. महावीरप्रसाद द्विवेदी -स्त्री शिक्षा के विरोधी कुतर्कों का खंडन- (पूरा पाठ)
  2. सर्वेश्वरदयाल सक्सेना - मानवीय करुणा की दिव्य चमक- (पूरा पाठ)

कृतिका भाग 2

  1. एही ठैयाँ झुलनी हेरानी हो रामा! - (पूरा पाठ)
  2. जॉर्ज पंचम की नाक  - (पूरा पाठ)

CBSE Class 10 Hindi A 2024–25 Syllabus Outline

Proficiency in Reading and Writing

  • Focus on improving writing and reading skills.
  • Students should be able to understand difficult materials and produce well-written essays and summaries.
  • Writing assignments, comprehension tests, and creative writing projects were among the many activities.


  • Improve your Hindi grammar skills first.
  • A solid command of Hindi syntax, vocabulary, and sentence construction is necessary.
  • Activities that support the development of grammatical skills include worksheets, examinations, and exercises.


  • Strong emphasis on the literature of Hindi.
  • It is expected of the students to comprehend significant works of Hindi literature as well as the historical and cultural background.
  • Reading and evaluating chosen texts are part of the activities, including writing projects and creative efforts to investigate Hindi literature.

भाग विषय अंक वितरण
खंड अ - बहुविकल्पी प्रश्न

अपठित बोध
अपठित गद्यांश 05
अपठित काव्यांश 05

रचना के आधार पर वाक्य भेद 04
वाच्य 04
पद परिचय 04
अलंकार 04

पठित गद्यांश 07
पठित काव्यांश 07
खंड ब - वर्णात्मक प्रश्न

क्षितिज - गद्य खंड 06
क्षितिज - काव्य खंड 06
कृतिका 08

अनुच्छेद 06
औपचारिक/ अनौपचारिक पत्र 05
स्ववृत्त लेखन/ औपचारिक ई-मेल 05
विज्ञापन/ संदेश 04
आंतरिक मूल्याङ्कन
(सामयिक आकलन (05) + बहुविध आकलन (05) + पोर्टफोलियो (05) + श्रवण एवं वाचन (05))

Main Topics Covered in the Class 10 Hindi-A Syllabus

Understanding and Interpretation

  • Strong focus on analytical and cognitive abilities.
  • Ability to read difficult materials and comprehend their context and meaning.
  • Examining the text's language and literary components is essential.

Vocabulary and grammar

  • Having a firm grasp of Hindi grammar is crucial.
  • Mastery of vocabulary necessary for reading comprehension and clear concept expression.
  • Understanding grammatical rules facilitates communication and comprehension.

Composition and Writing

  • Proficiency in writing and composing is essential for success in exams.
  • Writing compositions and summaries effectively is a must.
  • Writing clearly about ideas and thoughts is a crucial prerequisite.
  • It is crucial to have a solid grasp of written communication standards, syntax, and terminology.

Tips for Preparing for the Hindi-A Class 10 CBSE Syllabus 2025:

Understand the syllabus

Start with mastering the CBSE Class 10 Hindi-A Syllabus in all of its parts. This makes the subjects that will be addressed in the test clearer.

Practice writing and reading

Read newspapers and books written in Hindi to improve your reading abilities. To enhance writing abilities, consistently engage in essay and composition writing.

Pay Attention to Grammar

Focus, especially in the use and grammar area. Composition and essay writing are made easier by knowledge of grammatical conventions.

Make use of mnemonics

To help you recall vocabulary and grammatical rules, use mnemonics or memory aids.

Understand poetry

Learn about many literary genres via poetry study, which can help you with poetry and literature questions.

Make quick notes

For effective revision, jot down brief notes on important subjects.

Resolve Papers from Previous Years

To grasp question patterns, familiarize yourself with question papers from prior years. Use this activity to determine your skills and shortcomings.

Speak with Your Teacher

Consult a teacher or tutor if you need help comprehending something.

Effective Time Management

Make a study plan and provide enough time for every topic. Rewrite often to ensure comprehension.

Remain Motivated

Remind yourself that achievement comes from constant work and have an optimistic outlook.

Given that Hindi is India's mother tongue, it has great cultural significance. In CBSE Class 10, Hindi-A is studied for several reasons. It helps students understand and appreciate Hindi and its literature, and it also helps them become more proficient communicators in the language. Students may connect better with their linguistic origins as a result of this Hindi-A learning experience, which strengthens the language's connections to the rich cultural history.

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