CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit Syllabus for 2021-22

On July 22, 2021, CBSE finalised the reduction in syllabus for the 2021-22 session as per the latest Term-based Examination Pattern.

CBSE Class 10 Syllabus has undergone drastic changes since the previous 2020-21 session. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the education system has been challenging for both teachers and students.

So, similar to the 30% reduction in the last session, CBSE decided to reduce the overall syllabus according to the Term-based Board Examination for the 2021-22 session again.

We, at Educart, were prompt about it and have updated the changes in all the subjects for you. Here, you can find:

  • freely-downloadable PDF links to the latest reduced Class 10 Sanskrit Syllabus for 2021-22 academic session; and
  • simple analysis of all the deleted topics/ chapters for 2021-22 Term-based Board Exam.

With all this information in hand, both teachers and students will have a defined structure to begin the learning process on time and efficiently.

Class 10 Sanskrit Reduced Syllabus for 2021-22 (Reduced)

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We have also provided the syllabus for the 2021-22 session that was previously restored so that you can compare the deleted and added topics.

Class 10 Sanskrit Syllabus for 2021-22 (Restored Previously)

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Take a look at some interesting observations about the Class 10 Sanskrit Syllabus that we realised as per the latest one released by CBSE.

  • Term I only includes the Reading, Grammar, and Literature sections.
  • Term II only includes the Writing and Literature sections.

Here are the <red> topics/ chapters that are eliminated <red> from the syllabus.


विसर्गसन्धि: - रत्वं, लोप:

समास: - बहुव्रीहि:

प्रत्यया: - तनद्धताः - ठक् तल् | स्त्रीप्रत्यय: -  ्ङीप


सप्तम: पाठ: - व्यायामः सर्वदा पथ्यः

अष्टम: पाठ: - भूकंपविभीषिका

नवम: पाठ: - प्राणेभ्योपि प्रियः सुहृद्

दशम: पाठ: - अनयोक्त्यः

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