CBSE Sanskrit Syllabus Class 10 2024-25 for 2025 Board Exams | PDF Download

Latest Update on CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit Syllabus 2024-25

Students in Class 10 of the CBSE have the option to study Sanskrit as a second language. One of the world's oldest languages, Sanskrit is widely recognized. Given the significance and rich history of this ancient language, many people are eager to learn it well. Sanskrit is a popular choice as an additional language as a large number of Class 10 students sit the board test in it every year.

The 2024-25 academic year syllabus has been released and we were prompt about prediction of the changes. Below, we have provided you with a simple analysis of the Class 10 Sanskrit Syllabus below, along with:

  • PDF download -> Latest and past year syllabus for CBSE Class 10 Sanskrit
  • Detailed analysis -> Deleted and added topics/ chapters

Sanskrit is not an easy subject as you must take time to understand it but you can club it with Class 10 Hindi Syllabus to cover it easily. Hindi will take less time in comparison to Sanskrit so you can plan your chapters with the Hindi syllabus.

2024-25 Latest Class 10 Sanskrit Syllabus

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2023-24 Class 10 Sanskrit Syllabus

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(for reference purposes only)

भाग-वार पाठ्यक्रम विश्लेषण

(⚠️) विषय NCERT से हटाए नहीं गए लेकिन CBSE पाठ्यक्रम से हटा दिए गए हैं।

भाग घ: साहित्य (LITERATURE) - शेमुषी
⚠️ दशमः पाठ: - भूकंपविभीषिका

भाग विषय अंक

अपठित अवबोधनम्
अपठित गद्यांश: 10

रचनात्मक कार्यम्
औपचारिक/ अनौपचारिक पत्रम् 05
चित्रवर्णनम्/ अनुच्छेदलेखनम् 05
हिंदी/ आङ्ग्लभाषा संस्कृतेन अनुवादः 05

अनुप्रयुक्त कारणम्
संधि: 04
समास: 04
प्रत्यया: 04
वाच्यप्रकरण 03
समय: 04
अव्ययपदानि 03
अशुद्धि-संशोधनकार्यम् 03

पठित अवबोधनम्
पठित गद्यांश: 05
पठित पद्यांश: 05
पठित नाट्यांश: 05
प्रश्ननिर्माण 04
अन्वयः/ भावार्थः 04
घटनाक्रमानुसारं वाक्यलेखनम् 04
प्रसङ्गानुकूलम् अर्थचयनम् 03
आंतरिक मूल्याङ्कन
आवधिक-परीक्षाः (Periodic Assessment) (05) + बहुविधमूल्याङ्कनम् (05) + निवेसूचिका (Portfolio) (05) + श्रवण, वाचन एवं लेखनकौशलम् (05)

Sanskrit Syllabus Class 10 2024-25: Importance

It is essential to learn Sanskrit as part of the Class 10 CBSE syllabus to comprehend India's cultural legacy and its role in global civilization. Sanskrit is renowned for its extensive vocabulary and syntax, both of which help enhance language proficiency in general.

Syllabus Class 10 Sanskrit 2024-25: Main Topics

The most important topics covered in the Class 10 Sanskrit CBSE syllabus are composition, grammar, comprehension, and literature. Sandhi, conjugations, and declensions are all covered in grammar. The main goal of comprehension is to read and comprehend Sanskrit literature. Writing essays and letters are part of the composition, and a few passages from Sanskrit literature are covered in the literary portion.

Class 10 Sanskrit Syllabus 2024-25: How to Prepare

It is advised to practice grammar questions regularly to get ready for the Sanskrit test in the Class 10 CBSE syllabus. Studying Sanskrit literature offers a greater comprehension of the language, and reading and interpreting Sanskrit writings helps improve understanding.

The goal of the Sanskrit Syllabus Class 10 2024-25 Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is to provide students with a thorough mastery of the language. The objective is for students to become proficient in Sanskrit speaking, writing, and reading. The curriculum includes literature, grammar, and vocabulary, as well as how to apply these concepts in real-life scenarios.

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