Chapter 3

Class 9
1. Write a one-page history of Germany: (a) as a schoolchild in Nazi Germany


Write a one-page history of Germany:

(a) as a schoolchild in Nazi Germany

(b) as a Jewish survivor of a concentration camp

(c) as a political opponent of the Nazi regime


(a) As a school child in Nazi Germany: It was compulsory for us to beave in a particular manner defined by Nazis. Being a five-year-old boy, I was given a flag to wave to show my patriotism. I was told that men and women can never be equal and fighting for equal rights was a thing of the past. These types of struggles will destroy our society. Nazis taught us to be aggressive, violent, and masculine, while girls were told to be good mothers only and rear pure-blood Aryan children. The girls had to maintain distance from Jews and also maintain the purity of the race by inculcating Nazis values in children.

Boys were taught to hate Jews, and worship Hitler. I had to take an oath of loyalty to Hitler. We were told that after finishing school, we have to join the Hitler Youth Organization. This will be followed by compulsory military service.

(b) As a Jewish survivor of a concentration camp: I am grateful to God for saving my life. I am happy that I have survived the torturous life of three years in the concentration camp. I am weak but still alive. I have seen so many of my friends, relatives, and even family members dying in front of me due to torture given by the Nazis. They were beaten for hours, left to starve, and made to work in harsh conditions. Everyday, some of us were sent to gas chambers. I was afraid that I could be the next. Fortunately, I came out of that hell alive.

(c) As a political opponent of the Nazi Regime: Since Nazis captured the power in Germany, they are making life hell for those who are considered ‘undesirable’. Those who go against Nazis, are punished severely. I am not able to understand what Nazis will gain by conquering other nations.

Nazis are punishing Jews and others by capturing them in the gas chambers, which is inhumane. Aggression and violence in other countries will definitely lead to war and we will also lose men and property in the war.

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