Chapter 3

Class 9
4. Explain why Nazi propaganda was effective in creating a hatred for Jews.
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Explain why Nazi propaganda was effective in creating a hatred for Jews.


The crimes that Nazis committed were linked to special beliefs and a set of practices. According to Nazism, there was no equality but only a racial hierarchy. Hitler believed that the strongest race would survive, and the weaker ones would die. They considered Aryans to be the finest and they had to retain their purity and dominate the world. Hitler wanted a society of pure and healthy Nordic Aryans. According to his ideology, only Aryans were seen as worthy of prospering and multiplying against all others who were specified as ‘undesirable’. Apart from Jews, there were other communities that were considered ‘undesirable’. There were many Gypsies and blacks living in Nazi Germany, considered ‘inferiors’ based on their race. They were widely persecuted. Even Russians and Polish people were considered lesser than humans. After capturing Russia and Poland, Germany forced the civilians to work as slaves. Many of them die due to hard work and starvation. In Nazi Germany, Jews were the worst sufferers. Nazi’s hatred towards Jews has a reason for the traditional Christian hostility towards Jews. Jews had always been considered killers of Christ. They survived mainly through trade and moneylending. They lived in an area called ghettos. However, Hitler’s hatred for Jews was based on the fake scientific theory of race. He believed that the conversion of Jews was not a solution, but they all had to be physically eliminated. From 1933 to 1938, Nazis terrorized, and segregated the Jews. They took away all their money and compelled them to leave the country. From 1939 to 1945, they started killing them in gas chambers in Poland.

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