CBSE Class 12 Geography Syllabus 2023-24

CBSE 2023-24 Syllabus for Class 12 Geography

The syllabus for the 2023-24 academic year has been released and we were prompt about prediction of the changes. Below, we have provided you with a simple analysis of the Class 12 Geography Syllabus, along with the following:

  • PDF download -> 2023-24 (latest) and past year syllabus
  • Competency Focus -> What is new
  • Detailed analysis -> blueprint of all units & chapters

2023-24 Latest Syllabus

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2022-23 Reduced Syllabus

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(for reference purposes)

S. No. Bloom Typologies (as per NEP 2023) Total %
1 Easy difficulty level:
Demonstrate Knowledge | Understanding
2 Medium difficulty level:
3 Hard difficulty level:
Analysis | Evaluate | Create
TOTAL 100%
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Topics Added (<green>✔️<green>) | Topics Deleted (<red>❌<red>)

Book 1 - (Fundamentals of Human Geography)
Chapter 1 - Human Geography Nature and Scope
Human Geography Through the Corridors of Time
Last Paragraph of Fields and Sub-Fields of Human Geography
Chapter 2 - The World Population Distribution, Density and Growth
Activity on Migration News Collage
Trends in Population Growth
Doubling Time of World Population
Spatial Pattern of Population Change
Impact of Population Change
Chapter 3 - Population Composition
Complete Chapter
Chapter 6: Secondary Activities
Traditional Large Scale Industrial Regions
The Ruhr Coal Field
Iron and Steel Industry
Cotton Textile Industry
Chapter 7: Tertiary and Quarternary Activities
Factors Affecting Tourism
Collage and Activity on Medical Tourism
Chapter 10: Human Settlements
Complete Chapter

Book 2 - (India People and Economy)
Chapter 2 - Migration: Types, Causes and Consequences
Complete Chapter
Chapter 3 - Human Development
Complete Chapter
Chapter 4 - Human Settlements
Classification of Towns based on Population Size
Chapter 8: Manufacturing Industries
Complete Chapter

Part 2 - Practical Work
Chapter 2 - Data Processing
Measures of Dispersion
Rank Correlation along with All Related Figures
Chapter 4 - Use of Computer in Data Processing and Mapping
Complete Chapter
Chapter 5 - Field Surveys
Complete Chapter

Complete Class 12 Geography Syllabus

The tables below comprises the complete syllabus for Class 12 Geography 2023-24 session.

Book 1 - (Fundamentals of Human Geography)
Parts Units Marks
1 Human Geography 03
2 The World Population Density
Distribution and Growth
3 Human Development
4 Primary Activities 19
5 Secondary Activities
6 Tertiary and Quaternary Activities
7 Transport, Communication and Trade
8 International Trade
9 Map Work 5
Book 2 - (India People and Economy)
1 Population Distribution Density
Growth and Composition
2 Human Settlement 03
3 Land Resources and Agriculture 10
4 Water Resources
5 Mineral And Energy Resources
6 Planning and Sustainable
Development in the Indian Context

Book 2 - (India People and Economy)
7 Transport and Communication 07
8 International Trade
9 Geographical Perspective on
selected issues and problems
10 Map Work 5
Geography Practical-II
1 Data-its source and Compilation 18
2 Data Processing
3 Graphical Representation of Data 7
4 Spatial Information Technology 5
Practical Record Book and Viva Voce 5

Map Work

Book 1 - (Fundamentals of Human Geography)

Chapter-4 Primary Activities

  1. Areas of subsistence gathering (Fig 4.2)  
  2. Major areas of nomadic herding of the world (4.4) 
  3. Major areas of commercial livestock rearing (4.6)  
  4. Major areas of extensive commercial grain farming (4.12)  
  5. Major areas of mixed farming in the World (4.14)

Chapter-7 Transport, Communication and Trade

  1. Terminal Stations of Transcontinental Railways– Trans-Siberian, Trans Canadian, Trans-Australian Railways 
  2. Major Sea Ports 
  • Europe: North Cape, London, Hamburg  
  • North America: Vancouver, San Francisco, New Orleans  
  • South America: Rio De Janeiro, Colon, Valparaiso  
  • Africa: Suez and Cape Town  
  • Asia: Yokohama, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Aden, Karachi, Kolkata  
  • Australia: Perth, Sydney, Melbourne 
  1. Major Airports:
  • Asia: Tokyo, Beijing, Mumbai, Jeddah, Aden  
  • Africa: Johannesburg & Nairobi  
  • Europe: Moscow, London, Paris, Berlin and Rome  
  • North America: Chicago, New Orleans, Mexico City  
  • South America: Buenos Aires, Santiago  
  • Australia: Darwin and Wellington 
  1. Inland Waterways
  • Suez Canal, Panama Canal, Rhine Waterways, and St. Lawrence Seaways

Book 2 - (India People and Economy)

Chapter-1 Population Distribution Density Growth and Composition

State with highest population density & state with lowest population density (2011) 

Chapter-3 Land Resources and Agriculture

Leading producing states of the following crops: (a) Rice (b) Wheat (c) Cotton (d) Jute (e) Sugarcane (f) Tea and (g) Coffee

Chapter-5 Mineral And Energy Resources

  • Iron-ore mines: Mayurbhanj, Bailadila, Ratnagiri, Bellary  
  • Manganese mines: Balaghat, Shimoga  
  • Copper mines: Hazaribagh, Singhbhum, Khetari  
  • Bauxite mines: Katni, Bilaspur and Koraput  
  • Coal mines: Jharia, Bokaro, Raniganj, Neyveli  
  • Oil Refineries: Mathura, Jamnager, Barauni 

Chapter-8 International Trade

Mark and label the major sea ports and airports on an outline map of India.  

  • Major Sea Ports: Kandla, Mumbai, Marmagao, Kochi, Mangalore, Tuticorin, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Paradwip, Haldia  
  • International Airports: Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Guwahati, Delhi, Amritsar, Thiruvananthapuram & Hyderabad.
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