Class 12 Subject-wise Material

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Class 12 Subject-wise Material

Class 12, the final phase of senior secondary year and school life, students after taking the CBSE Class 12 board exam enter into a new chapter of their lives. Class 12 serves as one of the biggest milestones in a student’s life and the stress to perform better increases once they enter and final exams start nearing. 

Every student has different learning preferences and pace, although it is advised to follow a study plan from the beginning of the year. The perfect study plan is incomplete without the right study material to learn and practice and finding the right one amidst the large stock of material available digitally and manually becomes more challenging. 

To help students choose the right study material along with avoiding the hustle of juggling between multiple sites to download various study materials, the table below will redirect students to Class 12 subject-wise links.

Class 12 Subject-wise Study Material

<red>→<red> Class 12 English Subject-wise Material

<red>→<red> Class 12 Mathematics Subject-wise Material

<red>→<red> Class 12 Physics Subject-wise Material

<red>→<red> Class 12 Chemistry Subject-wise Material

<red>→<red> Class 12 Biology Subject-wise Material

<red>→<red> Class 12 Business Studies Subject-wise Material

Advantages of Subject-wise Material

The stress of performing with a tough syllabus gets increased when students can’t find the resources to learn from. Every student dreams of scoring at least decent marks in every class and for that one needs to study. 

Educart has provided the right and latest study material for every Class 12 subject in one place. Students just had to click on the required subject and the link will direct students to the downloadable PDF links.

Here are the reasons why students should download subject-wise material for Class 12.

  • Utilize that extra time for study instead of juggling between multiple websites and books to find the right CBSE Class 12 subject-wise material.
  • Study in the comfort of the house, or your preferred space after downloading the material offline.
  • Save the money since downloading these latest-patterned study materials won’t cost students anything. 
  • The PDFs are available for all the major CBSE Class 12 subjects. 

Subject-wise Material- What Will You Get?

The curiosity The curiosity of getting to know what students will get after clicking the link for many study material links in every chosen subject. To extinguish this curiosity, below is mentioned what students will get that will help them prepare for CBSE Class 12 Board exams in a better way and help them score their dream marks.of getting to know what students will get after clicking the link for many study material links in every chosen subject. To extinguish this curiosity, below is mentioned what students will get that will help them prepare for CBSE Class 12 Board exams in a better way and help them score their dream marks.

  1. Chapter-wise Notes
Class 12 CBSE Physics Chapter-9 Ray Optics and Optical Instruments Chapter-wise Notes

Class 12 already comes with a lot of stress and peer pressure to work hard and score better since the gateway for the next step in academic life depends on Class 12 merits. There is an extensive syllabus for the exam and to cover that extensive syllabus in a structured manner, chapter-wise notes for Class 12 help significantly.

  • Notes are written in clear and easy-to-understand language covering the major sections of every topic and concept, this will help in shortlisting important topics.
  • The class 12 chapter-wise notes are curated with keeping the latest CBSE pattern in mind and cover every chapter without missing out on a single important point.
  • Notes are very helpful when there is limited time for studies left or for revision purposes to cover all the main topics in a short span.

  1. Formulas 
CBSE Chapter 5 Class 12 Physics Magnetism and Matter Formulas

Class 10 was limited to the fear of Math and Science only but as the education level progresses so does the syllabus and subjects. The math subject includes concepts in more detail whereas science is categorised into physics, chemistry, and bio. Each subject has its own set of problems and formulas associated with it.

  • Formulas for every required subject and every chapter are available in one place for easy use.
  • Formulas can help in regular practice sessions and some can be directly applied to the questions.
  • Students can get these formula sheets printed and go through them regularly, especially at exam time for better preparation for exams.

  1. Question Banks
Case Studies for CBSE Class 12 Economics

A comprehensive guide based on the latest CBSE pattern with a wide range of questions with explanations, followed by lots of practice questions is included in Class 12 subject-wise question banks. The listed questions follow every typology and help in grasping the concept before the student proceeds to practice it.

  • Question Banks are an organized approach to begin studying and are usually adopted at the beginning of the year. 
  • It is highly recommended to practice questions after every chapter since it also includes PYQ and competency-based questions, the preparations will get stronger.
  • These cover the complete CBSE Class 12 syllabus with available in-line explanations and summaries for the chapters.

  1. Important Questions
CBSE Chapter-10 Financial Market Economics Important Questions

The word important suggests enough of how this question subject-wise material works. Including Class 12 Important questions is an essential addon to the study plan for board exams.

  • Questions can be repeated in the final exams and if students are already aware of the solution technique, they can attempt the question easily.
  • Important questions for Class 12 are divided into marking schemes based on the CBSE pattern, which can help students identify the type of questions they would encounter in the final examination.
  • Students can identify the important topics and concepts for the exam based on the listed questions and improve their strategy accordingly.

  1. Mind-maps
Chemistry Chapter-10 Haloalkane and Haloarenes CBSE Class 12 mind-maps

Learning becomes easier if students apply effective learning techniques while studying. There are several learning techniques available and mind maps is one of the most effective technique available for Class 12 students. It can help them in memorizing concepts significantly.

  • If students follow the step-wise-step approach then it would be easier to grasp the concepts and mind maps do the same by dividing the tough concept into easy steps that make it easy to understand. 
  • Images get processed faster than words, and concepts are curated following the visualisation technique helping the processing of the information faster.
  • It will significantly help in enhancing creativity, problem-solving, and analytical skills.
  • The visualized and sequenced mindmaps help in learning information faster. 
  • It helps in improving problem-solving and creativity skills.

6. Experiential Activities

CBSE Chapter-9 Biotechnology and its Applications Experiential Activities

Experiencing things itself is the best teacher and the purpose of introducing experiential activities intended the same where students understand the procedure, then try to replicate it and get the outcome.

  • The followed procedure might not produce the desired result but every mistake will teach them a new lesson.
  • The concept is better understood with experiential activities since it allows students to get perform it in real life and by themselves.
  • It improves observation skills significantly.

Other Materials

It is a fact that even if we memorize the complete syllabus, the preparation on the day of the final exams feels less. To help students gain more confidence, Educart provides extra study material for Class 12 students digitally and in hardcopy form.

The books and Class 12 subject-wise study material are curated while keeping every student’s learning preference and pace in mind by our experienced team of Subject Matter Experts to provide students with the right content. Students can download the material after clicking on the provided links. Class 12 subject-wise study materials are the key to preparing, scoring, and achieving the set goals.

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