Class 12 Hindi Syllabus 2024-25 | PDF Download for CBSE 2025 Exams

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Latest CBSE 2024-25 Hindi Core Syllabus Class 12

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) offers Hindi Core, an established language subject with subject code 302. Hindi Syllabus Class 12 stresses skill-based, art-integrated, and experiential learning approaches and is in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. Its goal is to get students ready for further coursework in Hindi literature and associated subjects. It is essential to have the course syllabus to keep a planned study plan for the test from the start. To stay on course, students may download the syllabus PDF from this article.

Students must differentiate between Hindi Elective (subject code 002) and Hindi Core (subject code 302). It's critical to maintain focus and awareness of the distinctions between the two. CBSE Syllabus 2024-25 Class 12 Hindi is released with deletion of few chapters. Below, we have provided you with a simple analysis of the revised Class 12 Hindi Core Syllabus below, along with:

  • PDF download -> 2024-25 (latest) and past year syllabus
  • Detailed analysis -> blueprint of all units & chapters

CBSE Class 12 Hindi Syllabus

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2023-24 Reduced Syllabus

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(for reference purposes)

भाग विषय अंक वितरण
खंड अ - वस्तुपरक प्रश्न
अपठित बोध अपठित गद्यांश 10
अपठित पद्यांश 05
अभिव्यक्ति और माध्यम इकाई एक के पाठ 3, 4 तथा 5 पर आधारित 05
पठित काव्यांश (आरोह) 05
पठित गद्यांश (आरोह) 05
बहुविकल्पी प्रश्न (वितान) 10
खंड ब - वर्णात्मक प्रश्न
अभिव्यक्ति और माध्यम
(लेखन पाठ 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13 पर आधारित)
रचनात्मक लेखन 06
नात्यारुपांत्रण/ रेडियो नाटक/ अप्रत्याशित 04
पत्रकारिता और जनसंचार लेखन 06
साहित्य गद्य खंड (आरोह) 06 + 04
काव्य खंड (आरोह) 06 + 04
वर्णात्मक प्रश्न (वितान) 04
आंतरिक मूल्याङ्कन
श्रवण तथा वाचन (10) + परियोजना कार्य (10)

Class 12 Hindi Syllabus Chapter-Wise: Removed Chapters

आरोह भाग-2 

काव्य खंड

  1. गजानन माधव मुक्तिबोध सहर्ष स्वीकारा है (पूरा पाठ)
  2. फ़िराक़ गोरखपुरी (ग़ज़ल)

गद्य खंड

  1. विष्णु खरे -चार्ली चैप्लिन यानी हम सब (पूरा पाठ)
  2. रजिया सज्जाद जहीर- नमक (पूरा पाठ)

वितान भाग-2 

  1. ऐन फ्रैंक . डायरी के पन्ने

Class 12 Hindi Syllabus Chapter-Wise: Marks Weightage

There are 4 parts in the CBSE Class 12 Hindi Core Syllabus for the 2024–2025 academic year: Aaroh(आरोह), Vitan(वितान), Antral(अंतराल), and Antara(अंतरा). A separate facet of Hindi literature and language is covered in each section. The syllabus intends to enhance students' Hindi reading, writing, and comprehension abilities.

The breakdown of marks for each section is as follows:  40 for Aaroh, 20 for Vitan, 20 for Antral, and 20 for Antaral. Poetry, prose, and theatre are all included in the curriculum, with an emphasis on critical analysis abilities development.

The course covers literary components as well as the historical, social, and cultural backgrounds of Hindi literature. How students can articulate themselves in Hindi and grasp its subtleties will be the basis for their evaluation.

For students to do well in the examination, they must adhere to the CBSE Class 12 Hindi Core Syllabus. Students may achieve success in Hindi by being aware of the syllabus and planning their studies accordingly.

Class 12 Hindi Syllabus Chapter-Wise: Importance

Many students could find the CBSE Class 12 Hindi Core Syllabus for 2024–25 difficult. Nonetheless, NCERT Solutions provides a trustworthy and efficient way to study and understand the material covered in the syllabus. In-depth explanations for every chapter are included in these answers, in addition to practice questions and sample exams to make studying for exams easier.

Additionally, NCERT textbooks for Class 12 Hindi Syllabus 2024–25 are updated often to conform to the most recent CBSE regulations. By doing this, it is made sure that students have a link to the most recent and accurate data possible. To complete the CBSE Class 12 Hindi Syllabus, the NCERT textbook is a priceless tool for those who want to do well academically. They provide a thorough and reliable method for understanding the curriculum while developing analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Class 12 Hindi Syllabus: Resources Available

To improve their understanding of the material and do well on the board examination, students can benefit significantly from these resources while they prepare for the CBSE Class 12 Hindi exam.

Notes for Revision: These are abbreviated versions of the subjects taught in the Hindi curriculum. They assist students in swiftly going over important ideas and details.

Multiple-choice questions: The questions from the CBSE are used to gauge how well pupils grasp the curriculum. Students can enhance their understanding of the subjects included in the Class 12 Hindi Syllabus 2024-25 by practising a range of multiple-choice questions.

Value-Based Questions: These types of questions concentrate on the values of ethics and morals and how they are used in practical contexts. Students who practise these questions after going over the syllabus have a deeper comprehension of the material and improve their capacity to respond to questions correctly in the board test.

CBSE Worksheets: CBSE offers a digital platform for studying a variety of problems linked to the Hindi Class 12 Syllabus 2023–2024. They give students lots of opportunities to practise and solidify their comprehension of the material covered in the course.

Sample Paper: The CBSE Sample Paper 2024-25 Class 12 is regarded as a good representation of the real board exam paper. Students can easily study the Class 12 Hindi Syllabus 2024-25 and gain knowledge of the test and question patterns with this sample paper.

How to Prepare for Board Exams Using CBSE Class 12 Hindi Syllabus

The CBSE Class 12 Hindi 2024 Exam preparation needs to be systematic. 

  • Create a study schedule and follow it religiously while you get ready for the test. Track your progress.
  • Allocate extra time in areas that you find difficult. Concentrate on fully comprehending these subjects.
  • Use the Hindi sample papers for CBSE Class 12 from 2024 to bolster your areas of weakness. Regular practice will help you perform better.
  • Study the CBSE Class 12 syllabus and match your coursework to the assigned grades. Set crucial subjects as priorities and organise your study schedule appropriately.
  • Exam pattern knowledge and clarity are provided by the CBSE sample questions for Class 12 Hindi 2024. Make greater use of them as a tool for preparation.

The NCERT-recommended CBSE Class 12 Hindi Core syllabus for the 2024–2025 academic year provides students with a thorough foundation for learning the material. The goal of this curriculum is to improve language proficiency, understanding, and critical analysis while covering a wide range of topics related to Hindi language and literature. Students may improve their comprehension of the Hindi language and literature and achieve academic success in the CBSE Class 12 Hindi Core Board Exam by following the syllabus requirements and putting in extensive preparation.


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