Class 12 Chemistry Practice Papers

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Chemistry is one of the few subjects students study in their lives that contribute to solving real-life problems. Industries like cement, leather, dye, pharmaceuticals, plastics, petroleum, and paints use the applications of Chemistry extensively. Like CBSE & ICSE, DoE (Department of Education, Delhi) also provides reliable resources for the students so that they ace their exams.

At Educart, we try to provide compiled resources for the students from various government websites so that they don’t waste their time traversing through many different websites on the internet. Below, we have provided the downloadable links of PDFs for our students.

Edudel Class 12 Practice Papers 


<red> ➜  <red> Class 12 Chemistry Practice Paper Set 1 

2021-22 Term 2

<red> ➜  <red> Class 12 Chemistry Practice Paper Set 1 <blue>and<blue> Solutions

2021-22 Term 1

<red> ➜  <red> Class 12 Chemistry Practice Paper Set 1 <blue>and<blue> Solutions

We hope that you achieve your dream scores in chemistry. All the best!

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