CBSE Class 10 Comic Book Social Science - Chapter-wise PDF

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CBSE always keeps trying to bring efficient teaching resources for teachers as well as examination material and study practices for students, to impart knowledge to students in the best way possible.

On March 24, 2021, Hon'ble Minister of Education announced the release of 100+ comic books for students of Class 3 to 12. These comics are created by teachers of CBSE affiliated schools and curated by NCERT.

However, for Class 10, only selected chapters (and in some cases even just topics of a chapter) are covered in these comic books as opposed to the complete Social Science curriculum. We, at Educart, have done an in-depth analysis of the CBSE Class 10 Social Science Comic Books, and provided free access to the chapter-wise PDF files below. We have also identified how these comic books can help in learning the concepts of the chapters clearly. Here is the table with the so far provided comic books PDFs of Social Science Class 10.

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Subject (SST) Chapter/ Topic-wise PDF
History Chapter 1: Rise of Nationalism in Europe
Chapter 2: Nationalism in India (Poorna Swaraj)
Chapter 2: Nationalism in India (Civil Disobedience Movement)
Chapter 4: The Age of Industrialisation
Economics Chapter 2: Sectors of the Indian Economy
Chapter 3: Money and Credit (Sabala: A Story of Women Empowerment) (Self-Help Groups)
Chapter 5: Consumer Rights (Rights & Responsibilities of Consumers)
Political Science Chapter 1: Power Sharing

Fundamentally, each of these comics have Learning Outcomes, a Story Board, and Mind Map given in the beginning. With these elements, they bring an innovative shift to teaching and learning methods. These CBSE comics will also help build strong cultural and social sensitivity in students, adding an ingenious touch to curriculum learning for students.

We have listed some Advantages and Shortfalls of how reading these comic books will actually help as far as the curriculum/ board exam 2022 is concerned.


  • Art-integrated Learning: These comics bring out creative imagination in students. They are able to visualise the historical events/ chapter-related concepts with the help of the illustrations. This will provide a strong recall value for those provided topics so that they can easily remember and answer related objective questions.
  • Fun Visual Representation: Although it has poorly stitched characters with bubble boxes talking about events, the content is still more engaging than similar content of NCERT textbooks. 
  • Summarised Content: Each comic book provides (specially in history) an event calendar, mind maps and some learning outcomes, which can be beneficial for students as well as teachers (as useful teaching resources). 


  • Distractive: These books are supposed to be used as supplementary content for easy learning but some students can get distracted and spend hours reading all these mini books and yet not gain any better understanding than what NCERT textbook offers.
  • Lack of Questions: Some questions are given to test your knowledge. But we found that most of them are very basic and in a format that CBSE doesn’t even ask (like crosswords, word hunt). So, a shortfall of new pattern source-based and MCQ questions is there.
  • Incomplete Content: If CBSE wants the teachers to adopt this comic book as a learning material, all chapters of Social Science should have been provided. But only selected 4-5 chapters and topics are covered. CBSE teachers will not be able to change their teaching style for just a few topics as it would lead to inconsistency and confusion.

We hope this information helps you to decide if the CBSE Class 10 Comic Books are effective for learning the chapters in Class 10 Social Science curriculum better.

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