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Comics are a collection of graphics that can be used to illustrate a story and deliver its message interestingly. Graphics used in a comic catch the eyes of the students promptly, which is why CBSE has added comic books in the learning resources for students.

On March 25, 2021, Hon'ble Minister of Education announced the release of 100+ comic books for students of Class 3 to 12. With these, CBSE aimed to introduce Art-integrated Education to improve students’ way of perceiving NCERT curriculum and develop more interest in their studies.

Below, we have provided free PDF download links to CBSE Class 12 Comics of All Subjects, along with our observations on them. You can click on the links to read the same and gain access to FREE PDF files of all CBSE Comics made available so far without entering any login information.

<red> → <red>CBSE Class 12 Biology Comic Books

<red> → <red>CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Comic Books

<red> → <red>CBSE Class 12 Economics Comic Books

<red> → <red>CBSE Class 12 English Comic Books

<red> → <red>CBSE Class 12 Physics Comic Books

<red> → <red>CBSE Class 12 Psychology Comic Books

As soon as these comics were released, we were prompt about analysing these CBSE Class 12 Comics in detail and learned about their advantages or shortfalls. Here are some of them:


  • Encourages Creativity: We observed that these comic books are poorly designed, yet the students may find the overall presentation of the storyline fun and imaginative.
  • Practice Questions: Each comic book comes with some fun objective questions like crosswords, word grids, MCQs, etc. This helps the teachers test the knowledge of the students on the basis of the content.
  • Application-based Scenarios: Comic books for technical subjects also contain applications of the concepts in real life, which improves recall value of the chapters in students.


  • Not Enough Content: So far, CBSE has released comic books in alignment with only a few NCERT chapters (and in some cases, just topics). This creates an inconsistent pattern for the teachers in their teaching methods. If CBSE really wants students and teachers to adopt these comics as a valuable learning material then they must at least release one comic book for each chapter of each NCERT book.
  • Unsuitable Questions: This comic book comes with worksheets after every section but each of them has some questions like “Match the Following” and “Crossword Puzzle”, which will not prepare the students for new types of questions as per the latest Class 12 Board exam pattern that includes A/R Questions, Source-based Questions, etc.

To further facilitate the students prepare for better results in their Class 12 Board exams, we have quality learning resources that are our EDUCART NCERT EXEMPLARS FOR CLASS 12 2022 BOARD EXAMS.

They are available for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, with all the NCERT Exemplar Problems and their explained Solutions. We have also added some important questions from Diksha Platform for Class 12. Any other information regarding CBSE curriculum, paper pattern, study material, and notifications is available below in the supporting links.

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