CBSE English Literacy Practice Book

What exactly is this book? What is its significance?

CBSE English Literacy Practice Book for Classes 7-10

It is easier to learn a fact if you can relate to it and imagine it happening in real life. This is why CBSE introduced the National Education Policy in 2020 to advocate for a learner-centric education that develops critical skills in students and helps them relate with the topics in their curriculum.

To support this idea of equipping the students with 21st century skills i.e. creative and critical thinking, CBSE has offered a Reading Literacy: Practice Book for Students for English as an additional study material for Classes 7 to 10.

This practice book includes a variety of texts that help the students progress in a self-learning mode.

Let’s take a closer look at the features of this book.

  • There are five units in the book with a mix of subjects including animals, travel, food, sports, and Indian heritage.
  • These units contain a wide variety of reading questions with some interesting ones, such as movie reviews, posters, cartoons, Instagram posts, etc. These elements add that real-life touch to students’ learning time.
  • Moving forward in a chapter, the sections are observed to be interconnected through dialogues between two characters that guide the learners. Another boredom-buster for the students!

While answering the questions in this book, the students will deep dive into the use of language systematically and in a fun way. It will improve their ability to think, evaluate, consider and express themselves.

Overall, this book is a great demonstration of the use of NEP by CBSE to actually transform the modalities of the education system.

For the complete Reading Literacy: Practice Book for Students for English PDF download, visit this page.

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