CBSE Exam Pattern New Changes for 2023-24

Major changes in different typology of questions for class 9 to 12

<red> April 8th, 2023 <red>

Surprising Changes in CBSE 2023-24 Paper Pattern. See Comparison for Class 10 & 12 Sample Papers.

National Education Policy talked about competency-based questions (CBQs) in 2020. From that time, a debate has followed only on one topic–“How will CBSE implement competency-based questions in examination and assessment practices?”

CBSE took many, gradual steps to implement Competency Focused Education in Class X and XII by aligning assessment to competencies, development of exemplar resources for teachers and students as well as continuous capacity building of teachers etc.

However, now finally CBSE (circular Acad-45/2023) has answered the main question regarding their sample paper pattern for 2023-24 in regards with NEP 2020.

Comparison Between Paper Pattern of Class X and XII from 2022 to 2023

CBSE has altered the board paper pattern for the 2023-24 session with a massive change in the typology of questions in most sections. Take a look at the table below.

Difference in Paper Pattern for Class IX-X

2022-23 2023-24
Exam pattern for year end examination
40% competency-based questions
20% objective questions
40% short answer/ long answer questions
50% competency-based questions
Select response type questions (MCQ) = 20%
30% constructed response question (long answer/ short answer type questions as per existing pattern)

Difference in Paper Pattern for Class XI-XII

2022-23 2023-24
Exam pattern for year end examination
30% competency based questions in form of MCQ, case-based, source-based Integrated Questions or any other type
20% objective questions
50% short answer/ long answer questions
40% competency focused questions in form of MCQ/ case-based, source-based integrated questions or any other type
20% select response type questions
40% constructed response questions (Short Answer Questions/ Long Answer type Questions, as per existing pattern)

All changes in one glance:

  1. Weightage of competency-based questions has increased by 10% for both the class 10 and 12 with addition in case-based, source-based & integrated questions for class 12 Physics. So, invest more time in understanding the concepts perfectly, without wasting time in practising sample papers in the beginning of a session.
Competency-based question from latest class 10 science sample paper 2023-24

  1. The number of MCQs, termed as select-response type questions, is similar to the previous year, which is 20% of total question count.
  2. Short or Long Answer questions have been reduced by 10%.
Example of constructive question from latest sample paper class 10 2023-24

These are only a few changes and it is likely to be announced with more competency focused questions in the forthcoming session.

The board will do more changes in the assessment practices and examination for 2023-24 to align assessments for Competency Focused Education. In the forthcoming session more Competency based questions or questions that assess application of concepts in real-life situations will be part of the question paper.

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