CBSE Exam Pattern New Changes for 2023-24

More Competency-based questions to be introduced in the new 2023-24 academic session.

<red> September 7th, 2023 <red>

CBSE has released 2023-24 Additional Practice Questions with Marking Schemes for Class 10 & 12.

This is <green> Breaking News <green> for CBSE board classes. Recently CBSE has released Additional Practice Papers for Class 10 & Class 12, along with Marking Scheme Solutions.

Following the National Education Policy’s commitment in 2020, CBSE has taken many steps to implement Competency-based questions (CBQ’s) for class 10 and 12 by aligning assessment to competencies, development of exemplar resources for teachers and students as well as continuous capacity building of teachers etc. With significant changes in the level and pattern of Q’s in these practice papers, this looks like another step towards fulfilling the commitment.

Download the direct PDFs from the links given below:

CBSE Additional Practice Questions & Marking Scheme PDFs

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These newly launched papers may help the students to gain a better understanding of the paper pattern they will face during board exams. According to our subject matter experts, the level of questions provided in these CBSE practice papers is quite similar to, or rather of a little higher level so that students can get an idea about the competitive exam pattern.

Let’s take a look at some of the major changes:

  1. In Class 12 English Core, the majority of questions in Section C have been made ‘integrated’. The goal here is to help students learn language through literature.

Integrated question from latest class 10 english practice paper 2023-2

  1. 50% Competency-based Question - The new pattern has seen an increase in the weightage of competency-based questions for both class 10 and 12. Along with this, case-based, source-based and integrated questions have also been hiked. Therefore it is highly advised that students invest more time in understanding the concepts 

Competency-based question from latest class 10 science sample paper 2023-24

Skills like critical thinking, evaluation and analysis are tested in these types of questions. 

  1. MCQs (also known as select-response type questions) are quite similar to that in the previous year. It is about 20% of total question count and carries 1 mark each. 

MCQ question from latest class 10 science practice paper 2023-24

  1. Short or Long Answer questions have been reduced by 10%. More emphasis has been put on competency-based questions rather than short or long answers. 

Example of constructive question from latest practice paper class 10 2023-24

These are some of the changes that our team of experts have analysed. The changes in the line of NEP prioritise creative and critical thinking capacity over mindless learning.

<red> April 8th, 2023 <red>

Comparison Between Paper Pattern of Class X and XII from 2022 to 2023

CBSE has altered the board paper pattern for the 2023-24 session with a massive change in the typology of questions in most sections for almost all the subjects. Take a look at the table below.

Difference in Paper Pattern for Class IX-X

2022-23 2023-24
Exam pattern for year end examination
40% competency-based questions
20% objective questions
40% short answer/ long answer questions
50% competency-based questions
Select response type questions (MCQ) = 20%
30% constructed response question (long answer/ short answer type questions as per existing pattern)

Difference in Paper Pattern for Class XI-XII

2022-23 2023-24
Exam pattern for year end examination
30% competency based questions in form of MCQ, case-based, source-based Integrated Questions or any other type
20% objective questions
50% short answer/ long answer questions
40% competency focused questions in form of MCQ/ case-based, source-based integrated questions or any other type
20% select response type questions
40% constructed response questions (Short Answer Questions/ Long Answer type Questions, as per existing pattern)

In the forthcoming session more Competency based questions or questions that assess application of concepts in real-life situations will be part of the question paper.

How to use the new practice paper of all subjects for class 10 and 12? 

Solving practice papers can be really helpful for students. It can help you limit your writing time, and understand the typology of questions asked. Its other uses are- 

  • Self-assessment - Practice papers can be really useful in evaluating your performance. It can help you to identify the area you’re struggling with and address these weaknesses while there is still time for improvement. 
  • Real exam simulation - Practice papers help you get accustomed to the real exam atmosphere. You get an idea about the question and paper pattern you will be facing in  the real board exam. 
  • Effective Revision - Solving practice papers will reinforce your understanding of different subjects. 
  • Tracking Progress - A way through which you can measure your progress. It also helps you to ‍prepare a strategy to attempt the paper. 

The latest practice papers can be a great help for class 10 and 12 students appearing for board exams. Their importance can not be denied if any student aims to achieve 95+ in any subject. You can download the latest CBSE practice papers from the link provided above.

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