CBSE Class 9 and 11 Open Book Examination

With the introduction of the New Education Curriculum, CBSE is planning to pilot-run open book examinations to check its efficacy.

<red>June 14th, 2024<red>

Source: Dainaik Bhaskar

CBSE Open Book Examinations 2024 for IXth and XIth  Only

Since February, CBSE has conducted the Open Book Test from Class 9 to 12 was the talk amongst the students. It wasn’t clear if it was the replacement for the Class 10 and 12 board exams. 

CBSE Board Secretary, Himanshu Gupta has clarified that the Open Book Test will be conducted for IXth and XIth classes. The pilot run will begin in some selected affiliated schools to implement it in the 2025-26 session. 

For Class 10 and 12, the board has increased the percentage of competency-based questions to 25% and emphasis on improving critical-thinking skills. 

<red> February 23rd, 2024 <red>

CBSE Open Book Examinations 2024 Scheduled in November-December for Class 9 to 12 

Last year on August 23rd, 2023, the new education curriculum was launched by the union education minister Dharmendra Pradhan. To align with the new curriculum guidelines, the Central Board of Secondary Education is considering organizing open book examinations for Class 9 to 12 students. 

The open book examinations will be scheduled in selected CBSE schools to analyze and discover the feasibility of the examinations. The exams will be held for Class 9-10 English, Science, and Math, and for Class 11-12, English, Biology, and Maths. CBSE plans to schedule it in November-December to get feedback from the participants and analyze the maximum time taken by students for the test. 

In 2014, CBSE experimented with the Open Book Test Exam (OBTA) to help students gain skills and relieve stress but due to negative feedback, the exams were discontinued. The committee will seek guidance from DU to conduct the examinations and improve the student’s experience. The high-quality books involve teachers for the examination and ensure the instillation of critical, and problem-thinking skills with these examinations. 

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