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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson  Mandela

This statement given by the great leader Nelson Mandela is nothing but truth, and the most important role of teachers in shaping the world’s future through their teaching and learning methods is to provide education. 

We, at Educart, provide teachers and educators with the best teaching resources and techniques, which help the teachers gain students’s trust by teaching exceptionally well. Teachers are the heartbeat of the education system and the biggest hand behind every student’s success! As educational leaders, mentors, and role models, teachers hold the key to unlocking students' potential and preparing them for success in a furiously evolving world.

A good teacher can do wonders for a student, be it a topper, an average student, or a student who does not see any future with studies. But only a teacher holds the ability to change the student's mind and bring him back on track, making him realize that “nothing is impossible” and anyone can be a 95% holder with the right strategies! 

A teacher lays down the foundation of a beautiful tomorrow! <3

Roles of a Teacher:

As discussed, the role of a teacher includes not only teaching but also guiding and mentoring as well. Let’s see what responsibilities you address when you become a teacher:

Educational Leaders: Teachers are more than just “pitaras of information." They are the educational leaders who guide the students throughout their educational journey. From path to path, they are the support a student has, making the kid feel confident about himself. They instilled thinking skills and curiosity and fostered a lifelong love for knowledge.

Mentors and Role Models: With being a teacher, there’s a lot more these cute human beings do. They serve as mentors and role models in a student's life, and sometimes they are therapists too, when they see a student needs them. Teachers don’t only aim for academic achievements but also the personal growth of a student. Their influence extends beyond classrooms, leaving an impact on students’ values and aspirations and making them better people for the community.

Challenges Faced by the Teachers:

  • Large Class Sizes: Managing so many students at once is a challenge. “Is this a class or a fish market?"  is what a teacher feels every day, but holding onto the feeling that nothing is impossible, they do their best and guide every student of theirs wholeheartedly!
  • Diverse Student Needs: Each student’s ability to understand and learn things is different. To cope with this, teachers have to adapt their teaching methods so that no student feels that they are falling behind.
  • Limited Resources: Schools may have a limited budget for supplies of material, technology, and development; that’s what hinders a teacher from providing students with abundant knowledge. 
  • Work-Life Balance: Balancing their work life, social life, and personal life (personal and professional development) often leads to burnout and stress among teachers. Which is not healthy?

Rewards that Teachers Receive:

Despite facing all these challenges, the rewards of teaching are profound! 

Every day, the teachers witness the transformative power of education, seeing the students overcome obstacles and learn lessons. When students can recognize their passion and follow the path that leads to the fulfillment of their passion, that is what counts as a reward for teachers, knowing that they have made a meaningful contribution and made a difference in the growth of a student. The happiness and joy of seeing the students light up with curiosity and achieve their aimed goal gives a kick to teachers’ dedication and marks the importance of their role in society.

Providing the Best Essential Resources for Teachers: Education Methods

At Educart, we understand the importance of supporting teachers in their mission to educate and inspire. Our platform offers a wealth of resources designed to enhance teaching effectiveness and student engagement.

  • Free specimen books

Specimens, be they physical objects, models, or digital presentations, all serve as ideal examples that bring learning to life. Our teacher's specimen program provides free specimen books, which are strictly for teachers, where they can get updated books for the 2024–2025 session.

These provide students with opportunities for hands-on learning and provide teachers with opportunities to make complex ideas and topics more interactive and memorable for their students.

Educators can spark curiosity and a will to know and learn about things in students through these specimen books!

  • Lesson Plans in PDF Format

Lesson plans are well-formed frameworks, structured to guide students and teachers through instructions. We provide full lesson plans in PDF format for every subject, making it easier for teachers to outline learning objectives, activities, and assessment strategies and deliver more organized lessons to the students. With the help of these lesson plans, the teachers can align their teaching methods with the curriculum and effectively manage classroom time. Well-formatted lesson plans increase student engagement and teaching efficiency.

  • Free study material

Along with so much, Educart aims to provide much more to our respected teachers. We provide you with free study material (hassle-free and free of charge), like NCERT books (PDFs with solutions), the full descriptive syllabus of all classes, sample question papers (with solutions), previous year question papers, marking schemes and solutions, important questions, and other textbooks that are also available on our site in case teachers need more references.

Sample Lesson Plan

Category Description
Grade Level Class 10th, 11th, 12th
Subject Eg- English language and literature
Topic For example - Analysing poetry
Duration 1 hour
Level By the end of the lesson, students will be able to
analyse a poem for its theme, structure,
and literary devices

Category Description
Teaching Methods Start with a brief discussion on the importance
of poetry analysis in understanding deeper
meanings and themes. Introduce the poem
selected for analysis.
Introduction Start with a brief discussion about poetry analysis.
Give the poet’s introduction, and what he conveys
through the poem and ask doubts to the students
if they have any.
Warm-up activity Have students read the poem silently and jot down
their initial thoughts and feelings about it. This helps
in engaging students and activating their prior knowledge.
Main Activity Step 1: Discuss the poem's structure
(stanza, rhyme scheme, metre, etc.).
Step 2: Identify and analyse literary devices
used in the poem (e.g., metaphor, simile, imagery).
Step 3: Explore the theme(s) of the poem and
discuss how the poet conveys these themes through
language and imagery.
Step 4: Analyse the tone and mood of the poem
and its impact on the reader.
Group discussions Divide students into small groups to share their analyses and
interpretations of the poem. Encourage them to discuss
different perspectives and interpretations.
Conclusion Summarise the key points of the discussion and highlight the
importance of critical thinking in poetry analysis.
Connect the lesson to real-life examples or contemporary poems.
Assessment Assign a homework task: Write a short analysis of another poem
using the same analytical framework discussed in class.

Micro Teaching Skills: Innovative Teaching Methods

  • Hands-On Projects: Instead of repetitive lectures that may bore students out, teachers should give students some hands-on projects to work on. This way, students understand the concepts more clearly, remember them for a long time, and apply them in practical ways.
  • Flipped Classroom: This method is basically that students watch and learn about the lesson at home and come prepared to school about the topic. In class, the time is used for discussions and activities related to that topic. It helps them learn at their own pace and get more involved in their learning.
  • Games in Learning: Learning can become more fun and engaging if the lessons are turned more into activities and games, like giving students some specific tasks, interacting in teams, dividing into groups, and getting rewards for winning. 
  • Tailored Teaching: Every student's way of learning and understanding is different.

Teachers should know how to adapt their lessons and teaching techniques according to their students so that learning is enjoyable and not scary and everyone can succeed in their way.

  • Personalized Learning: Teachers can make study plans and abide by them. Using technology, they can create perfect learning plans that stick to the type that matches the student's interests and abilities. This way, students can learn their way and get support whenever they need it.
  • Group Learning: Let’s divide the students into groups and help them come up with their ideas and creations. Students work together on projects, sharing ideas and solving problems as a team. This helps them develop communication skills and learn from each other.

Teachers are the gateway to knowledge. They can shape the world’s future. They are the main stones of our society’s education system. By providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need, we empower them to make a lasting impact on the lives of their students and eventually their communities.

Teachers not only teach but also change the lives of students through the mentorship and guidance they provide. Their dedication and passion shape generations, laying the foundation for a brighter and better future.

Remember: Education is the answer to all our worries, and teachers are making it possible through their ‘life-changing’ knowledge.

Explore the resources available at Educart and join us in supporting educators who shape the future generation of leaders, innovators, and changemakers in the world!

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