Mistakes To Avoid in Board Exams

Some common mistakes students make during board exams that must be avoided. Read the blog to know what to avoid.

<red> September 27th, 2023 <red>

Ace Your Board Exams: Avoid These Mistakes

I remember the moment I got the notification “CBSE HAS RELEASED THE OFFICIAL DATE SHEET FOR CLASS 10 AND 12 BOARD EXAMS”, the cold feet and jitters I experienced at that moment are still instilled in my mind. “What If I fail my exam?” or “ Agar Yeh Galti Ho Gayi Toh? Since it was my first time taking board exams in Class 10.  

How about I tell you about a few of the many mistakes I made when I was appearing for my board exams? 

Exam Success Secrets: Mistakes to Dodge in Board Exams

Since the board exam date has been announced, this writing piece is going to be helpful for you in avoiding these mistakes.

  1. Last-minute Preparations

Come on, you don’t have Doraemon to give you memory bread to help you learn everything a few hours before exams. Sacrificing sleep sounds SCARY. How about starting to prepare at the right time? Spend a few hours on the weekend to review the syllabus and keep those last minutes for revision. 

  1. Time Management? What’s That?

I was unable to finish answering my Class 10 Math Board exam and scored less than I expected. 

When you have prepared enough but the result isn’t in your favor, IT HURTS! To avoid more heartbreaks, how about we learn about time management skills? To help you with some time management tips is the magic potion you need to gulp. Just take a leap of faith, and TRY!

  1. Thinking “Cheating Se Pass Ho Jaunga Par...

We all hope to get a seat near the TOPPERS of our class. It rarely worked in my favor and when it did, that topper was like “ Yaar Abhi Main Apna Kar Loo, Phir Batata Hoon” and that “phir” never came. I was like, didn't he hear about how we should help each other in times of crisis?

I think studying from the beginning isn’t what you all want to do but how about making a study plan and *keyword TRY to follow it? Try to use effective study methods like the Leitner System to improve learning.

  1. Discussing Answers after Exam.

Imagine happily exiting the examination hall after finishing the paper and you made the stop to discuss the answers! Don’t make the mistake of discussing answers after the exam EVER. Discussing won’t change the wrong answers you have written. So why cry over a split milk? This might discourage you from prepping for the next exam. 

  1. Exiting Examination Hall before Revising.

Once my pen stopped writing the last answer, I used to submit my sheet and exit as fast as I could or just sleep till the bell rang (in case leaving after halftime wasn’t allowed). After reaching home, I realized “Kash Revise Kar Liya Hota”.

As much as we want to finish the paper and leave the examination room quickly, how about going through the answer sheet once again? There is a high possibility that you might find minute errors that could make you lose marks. A few extra minutes can help you score good marks on Class 10 boards.

  1. Writing Life Story in 1 or 2 Mark Question.

The happiness on my face when I used to see that one question I knew the answer to literally made me forget about the marking scheme that used to come with it. I wrote a one-page answer when it required a 1 or 2 line answer only. 

It cost me time for other questions and I didn’t even get extra marks for the long essay I wrote. Don’t repeat this mistake. Go through the marking scheme before writing any answer and “Jitne Ki Zaroorat Hai Utna Hi Likho”.

  1. Failing isn’t the End of The World.

Arjit Singh’s voice seems relatable when we get out our results and it screams, FAIL on our faces. My Arjit Singh sad song playlist was on a loop for a day. But let me tell you, my friend, it isn’t the end of the world. “Your Marks can’t decide your future” - my inner Ted speaker screams.

You can’t change what has happened so accept the result and some scolding from parents. Just forget what has happened and work hard to prepare again for the Class 10 Boards. 

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  1. “KHUD NAHI PADHNA” and Blaming Teachers

Whenever I don’t know the answer to any question, the thoughts that used to run through my mind were “Yaar, yeh toh ma’am ne padhaya hi nahi”, “out of syllabus hai yeh toh”, except the real reason that I haven’t studied this topic, I used to blame teachers.

Exceptions of questions coming out of the syllabus might be there but it’s not always there. YOU GET THAT!!!! Start studying timely and follow the study plan to score instead of playing this blame game. 

  1. Sleeping during Exam Coz “Raat Bhar Padhe The”

I can legit spend an entire night streaming Netflix and still appear fresh all day if I have to go out with my friends. But in the case of exams, even books used to make me sleep. That’s not an excuse that helped me to clear the board exam. 

Firstly you can study during the day and can skip NETFLIX for a month *You won’t be missing out much. Make sure you have at least seven hours of sleep to make sure your brain functions properly during the exam. *FINGERS CROSSED

  1. “ Upar Upar se Padhna/Skimming” and Not Practicing.

You know, I have some magical powers, powers of being in delusion. I used to think that after taking a glimpse at the entire syllabus and books, I would top the exam. My delusion and dream of being a topper both diminished with those non-existent magical powers. 

There is a thing called understanding those topics after spending at least an hour learning and practicing. There are short tricks available to answer the question but no tricks to pass when you haven’t even put an effort into practicing. Try to practice what you have learned after every learning session.

Mistakes are part of life and even after you try to avoid them, sometimes it Happens and it is okay. But as a student especially when we are on the way to crossing the first big milestone of our life i.e. Class 10 Board exams, we can’t make some silly mistakes that can be easily avoided. 

Try to put effort into studying via some good studying methods and you can have a so-called social life along with it. Plan your routine that balances both study and extracurricular activities. By the way, exams are going to start on February 15, 2024, so start preparing for it.

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