Top 10 Time Management Tips For Class 10 Students

A skill that will help you study better in board exams.

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Mastering Time Management Skills for Students for Effective Learning

The excitement of entering Class 10 also comes with giving the boards for the first time. After hearing about the date sheet announcement, students get so nervous and most of us are like “Yaar Kuch Nahi Padha”. 

If you’re like me, at the end of the day you will get a headache from stress, and then you would be like “Pehle so leta hai, bad main padh lenga” then that “bad main padhna” never comes. It doesn’t matter if you are giving board for the first time or going for class 12 boards, time management skills will help before and during the exam.

This article on time management for students will cover the top 10 effective time management tips, especially in preparing for boards to score better.

1. Understand How and Where You’re Spending Time

Before even going through any solution, you should know where and how this problem exists. For example, you might have heard students complaining about how they couldn’t finish writing answers in the given time. It can happen to you too.

Take the mock test and separate the section that took most of your time and the question you weren’t able to answer. If you have completed the mock test but it took more than the exam duration then you need to go through the time management tips, especially for students.  

2. Curate a Calendar

As students, we often have this tendency to remember things at the end moment. Even I used to forget about my test due on the same day, or assignment submission deadlines. Why not take some technical help?

So what I did back then is, I added all the tasks along with timings to not miss anything important and didn’t spend my day regretting later on “Kash maine kahin likh liya hota ya kisi ko bol dia hota yad karane ko”. You can use Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook Calendar, or any other app to curate a calendar.

3. Make a to-do List 

Making a to-do list is one of the most effective time-management tips. You have everything written or noted down on what you have to do the whole day, it can also include your jogging, and screen time. 

Try to have a proper study and sleep routine. Since you have everything listed on a device, you can make a to-do list for the chapters you have to complete on that particular day. Once you are done with the chapter, you can cross it and proceed to the next chapter till you mark your complete to-do list as done.

4. Keep Important Tasks on Priority

Set your priorities

Since your to-do list has all the tasks noted down, you can separate the task that needs immediate attention and put it under the priority category. 

This can only be managed by effective time management where you focus your attention on important tasks first to increase your productivity. Hanging out with friends can be missed once, but studying for the final exam can’t be missed.

5. Set Deadlines

You have your tasks listed and categorized on a priority and general basis but how will you manage time when you spend the maximum time of the day only on one task that you missed out on the maximum part of the list? Time management also teaches you to work smartly.

Set deadlines in such a way that having extra ten minutes won’t affect the to-do list. Shorten your break if you feel like the day’s task won’t be finished at the end. Remember clearing the concepts are important so take extra time and prepare a doubt list.

6. Don’t Multitask

This image can give you a clear vision of how multitasking looks and the expression on SpongeBob's face can tell it makes your brain unable to focus on one thing. You can’t just bring yourself to study science and math together since students consider it among difficult subjects.

Try to put your brain at ease and focus on one task at a time that will help. You will realise how quality and performance would be better than they would have been if you were managing multiple tasks at once. Spend 3 days a week on one subject and another 3 days on the other. You are a human, not a machine that can be programmed for multitasking. 

7. Limit Distractions 

Is it me or anyone else finds every other thing interesting except the study material in front of them? 

Try to find a place where you can concentrate solely on your studies and the second you feel you are losing yourself in that imaginary world, pinch yourself, and get back to studying. Remove yourself or the things for the time being that distract you from achieving your day's goal.

8. Take Breaks in Between 

You manage to complete some chapters or a subject without any distractions, "Ek kitkat break toh banta hai”. then, moreover, your brain needs to rest at least every two hours. Go and eat something or watch something funny. 

Working continuously can affect you not only mentally but also physically, you need to eat properly and take care of yourself. What is wrong when students also have fun? You can also take half of Sunday off to go with your friends without worrying about anything. 

9. Measure Your Progress

It takes time to reach the top

At the end of the day, results matter. In clear words, you know what result you want and have figured out where you’re lacking in the first step for effective time management. 

Note down where you lacked and the next day, put clearing the concepts on the priority list if the goal isn’t achieved and you have to try till the progress becomes constant. 

Just remember, learning anything takes time be it acquiring skills for time management, all you have to do is try.

10. Give a Reward to Yourself

When there is something to win at the end, the whole task immediately becomes fun? You can choose the reward that you will give yourself once all the goals are completed. 

Trust me, having a brownie fudge, when I was done with Integration and Trigonometry made me so happy.

Time management skills will not only help you in your student life but in the future too. One indeed isn’t born with it but we learn every day a new thing so why not time-management? 

You will feel stress-free and have better performance in exams. This article on time management for Class 10 students, can help them with time management and will help in setting up a proper routine.

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