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4 Ways to Sharpen the Memory to Remember Information for Long Time

Most common problem which cuts students' marks even after a good practice is low memory power. It's frustrating when your mind gets blanked in exam halls. This usually happens because students go through lots of information during exams from revision perspective. 

However, forgetting things is common, if you are reading that material after a long time. Some students are good at rote learning, but some have to do practice to remember things. But we can say that learning is a skill which can develop with practice and some technique also. 

Here are some memorization techniques which will help you to remember things better. Also you will get a step-by-step process to implement these points in your daily life learning. 

Mind Mapping

One critical aspect of complete learning is to connect previous information to new one. Adding information in a more visualised manner can be done through mind maps. Our brain collects information in points, diagrams, pictures and not in words, sentences or paragraphs. [Source]

It is an active learning technique for retrieving information for the long term. Mind maps increase retention rate by 10% -15%. The human brain remembers things with visual connections. Here are steps to help you create mind maps. 

Class 11 Maths Questions Bank 2022-23

How to create mind maps:

  • Create it on a horizontal page, you will get lots of space to add information
  • Write the name of the topic at the centre and connect the branches
  • Use different colour pens, because colouring makes diagrams more personalised and easy to understand.
  • Connect sub-branches with main branches, and try to add pictures at this stage.

If you do not have time to create mind maps for every chapter or topic. We have a solution. In our Class 11 Maths Question Bank 2022-23 we add mind maps for each topic, it initially saves students time and they invest that time on their studies.


Mnemonics is a technique which is used to remember long words and memorise information with some pattern. There are different types of mnemonic techniques, choose one which suits you best. These mainly include - songs, rhymes, poems, images, outlines, and more. 

Associating catchy and funny lines with difficult topics helps to remember things easily. Also, it helps in recalling and best to store information in both short-term and long-term memory. 

3 things to remember while using mnemonics technique:

  • Use the right technique, such as music, rhyming, acronyms techniques
  • Do proper practice, repeat your mnemonics several times to remember it. 
  • Repeat mnemonics to others with friends, and family members. 

Some example of Mnemonics: 

  • Most used term in remembering rainbow colours - VIBGYOR. 
  • To avoid confusion in the number of months the common trick is calculating it on knuckle. 
  • For remembering “My Very Elder Mother Just Served Us Nuts.” 
Class 10 Science Questions Bank 2022-23

Mnemonics are helpful during learning, so we added them in our Class 10 Science Question Bank 2022-23 to boost your memory power and help you a little more in your learning process. Practise all the mnemonics at least two-three times before the exams.

Distributed Practice

Distributed practice is a learning strategy in which a study period is divided into some small pieces out of a long learning period. Human mind is constructed in a way that grasps concepts better when it studies in several sessions. 

A very effective and famous technique, which works perfect for dividing study time into small parts - POMODORO technique. It is a time management method which helps in focused/ undistracted study. Want to know more about how it works. Check >> Here << to know more. 

Also, it helps in containing the information in long-term memory. Best way to excel this technique is by doing repetition. For the first time, re-read the information within 24 hours, then after a week, and then month. After every session, the process of learning will get smoother. 

There are different methods which you can use for repetition. 

  • Flashcards
  • Mock tests
  • Formula Charts
  • Highlighted points

Using flashcards improves learning more than re-reading or listening [Source]. 

Elaborate Notes

You must have heard that teachers always said to maintain separate notebooks for every subject. Having different notebooks helps in organising our learning.  

Just sitting and going through the notes over and over again will not help you in truly learning the material. You have to follow some things while creating notes, which will initially help you during your revision time. 

Class 12 Biology Questions Bank 2022-23

Things to remember while making notes

  • Make all your notes at one place
  • Always put date at the top, it help in keep the notes in chronological way
  • Do not just copy paste teachers words
  • Write in abbreviation, but your own
  • Use different colour pen to separate different ideas and concepts

We also add chapter-wise notes of every chapter in our question banks. Here’s a picture of Class 12 Biology Question Bank 2022-23. Check out our Educart books for more such amazing features. 

Final Thoughts

Remember that you can excel in your next exams! Just try out all the above techniques and find which works perfect for you. You need some patience and time to develop the skill and once you are done, everything is going to work naturally and smoothly. Implement and see results!

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