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Get the different techniques from NCERT Books that can be useful for Class 10th board exams!

“Bethe bethe kya karein, karna hai kuch kaam? , Chalo uthaalo NCERT Books lekar prabhu ka naam” - Educart baba

Hey there, buddies! How’s class 10th going so far? Ah, uh, as I expected. Scared for boards, right? Why be scared when you can literally have the MANTRA to excel in your board exams more like a topper? 90+ toh bante hai na?

What’s the mantra? Bata dun? It’s none other than CBSE NCERT Books of Class 10 🔥

If you feel like your textbooks are more lengthy and confusing than a recipe from a celebrity chef, ha-ha fear not! We’re here to talk about and know more about what NCERT books can do for you and what you are missing in all your 10th grade classes. These bad boys are like the reliable sidekicks you never knew you needed, except they won't disappear when things get tough (looking at you, a disappearing act of trigonometric identities).

So, buckle up as we embark on a journey to discover why NCERT books aren't just another set of study materials—they're your ultimate Class 10 BFFs. Ready to laugh, learn, and maybe even shed a tear of joy over the clarity they bring to your study sessions? Let's dive in!

Class 10 BFFs: NCERT Books

NCERT Books Class 10
Class 10 NCERT Textbooks

NCERT for students is like a lighthouse shining brightly in the middle of a sea filled with confusion. In 10th grade, we have so much pressure to handle all at once and above that the trauma of choosing the right and perfect study material for boards is ripe! 👍

But why do we forget the great resources we are already blessed with? In this rush-rush world, why not keep things simpler and less complicated? Maybe we can try.

I’ll explain to you why you should consider NCERT Books Class 10th as your ultimate best friends in this “too many alternative sources” world! 

Here you go.

1.The Syllabus Whisperers

  • Alignment with the CBSE syllabus
  • NCERT books are turning “Isse bahar kuch nahi aayga” into reality. Out of all, about 85% of the portions and questions asked in exams are directly taken from the NCERT books and Exemplar. 
  • No-guessing games, straightforward content
  • NCERT for students is like a clear-cut road map, guiding them through the complex subjects and chapters without any guesswork and offering straightforward and easily understandable content and solutions to their problems.

2. Clear as Mud? More Like Clear as Day!

  • Simplified explanations of complex concepts
  • It’s like having a translator for complex subjects that turns your doubts into easy, small solutions that students can learn effectively.
  • Easy to understand, even for beginners
  • Language is so simple that you will be able to learn it by just reading it twice, thoroughly. Beginner-friendly content always. 💯

3. Examples and Exercises Galore

  • Abundance of practical examples and exercises
  • NCERT for students is like a goldmine of practical examples and exercises, giving plenty of chances to practice and understand their lessons better.
  • Practice that helps in mastering the subjects
  • Practice makes a man perfect! That’s why NCERT books are filled with questions to practice and excel in all of their twisted forms.

4. Concepts over Cramming

  • Focus on understanding rather than memorization.
  • Concepts are so clear and precise to the point that students are able to understand everything instead of the rattafication process.
  • Reduces exam stress and boosts confidence
  • If your concepts are clear, your ability to catch up on things gets better and better, which is beneficial because that reduces exam stress and anxiety and causes a hike in confidence 📈

5. Wallet-Friendly Wonders

  • Affordability and accessibility of NCERT books
  • The most pocket-friendly and cost-effective books are NCERT books. There is no doubt why they are being used on a large scale in our country; it’s because anyone can afford these treasures of knowledge.
  • Availability in both physical and digital formats
  • NCERT books are available both physically in shops and stationery and digitally in online pdf format. Check our site to download directly in One Click for free, subject-wise.

How we help you rock 10 Class NCERT books: Why fear, when Educart is here!😎

All the books, all the time

  • A complete collection of NCERT books for Class 10
  • We offer a complete collection of NCERT books for all the classes. Along with that, we offer NCERT book collections for 10th grade too for students to excel in board exams, so that kuch reh na jaye! ;)
  • Free downloads in PDF format
  • Easily accessible books in pdf format, for you to download in just one click hassle-free.

Step-by-Step Solutions

  • Detailed, chapter-wise solutions
  • Dedicated to providing you with the best study material, we provide NCERT-solved solutions so that students give their best in exams.
  • It is helpful for understanding and problem-solving.
  • Solutions are always great for understanding where you lack in answering and being able to correct your mistakes.

Extra Study Goodies

  • Sample papers, previous years' question papers, revision notes
  • Our authentic study material is the best thing about our site; be it previous year papers or revision notes, we provide you the best!
  • Comprehensive preparation resources
  • Our top resources, like our practice papers, sample papers, and much more, provide you with detailed preparations, making your exam ready to the fullest.

Stay in the Loop

  • Latest updates on exam dates, syllabus changes, and tips
  • We provide our tenthies with a complete descriptive explanation of the Class 10 CBSE syllabus, which is easily accessible and you can download in PDF format.
  • Keeping students informed and prepared
  • All the recent updates and changes are then and there uploaded on our website so that students don’t have to waste their time looking for genuine websites to check about the updates.

Subject-wise Brief Description of NCERT Books:

The book covers every concept in a precise and clear manner. NCERT in-box points help in clearing the points we usually miss while chasing the detailed concepts. 


  • Importance: Studying English enhances literary and language skills, along with improvement in grammar and writing skills. Students also get to know about literary analysis, which is an asset.
  • Coverage: Includes classic literature, poetry, and prose with a focus on grammar, writing skills, and literary analysis.
  • Why NCERT: NCERT English books provide a detailed yet simple understanding of language, fostering creativity and critical thinking.


  • Importance: Students get to know more about their native language and their culture. Expressing thoughts and decoding words said by legendary poets back in time is another major factor. 
  • Coverage: prose, poetry, and grammar exercises that reflect Indian culture, traditions, and values.
  • Why NCERT: NCERT Hindi books offer structured learning of Hindi language and literature, essential for lingual and cultural understanding.


  • Importance: NCERT builds a clear and structured approach along with strong analytical and problem-solving skills necessary for various academic disciplines and everyday life.
  • Coverage: Covers topics from basic arithmetic to advanced algebra, geometry, and calculus with abundant examples and exercises.
  • Why NCERT: NCERT Mathematics books provide a clear and systematic approach to understanding mathematical concepts, which is crucial for competitive exams and higher education.


  • Importance: Provides a base-level understanding of physics, chemistry, and biology principles, polishes skills of critical thinking, and has so many experiments and practical-based cases that are essential for students to know how the world works.
  • Coverage: Includes detailed explanations, diagrams, and practical applications of scientific concepts.
  • Why NCERT: NCERT Science books cover the entire CBSE curriculum comprehensively, preparing students for board exams and future scientific studies.

Social Science (SST) (Social Studies)

  • Importance: Offers insights into historical events, geographical landscapes, political systems, and economic principles crucial for understanding social and civil life.
  • Coverage: history, geography, political science, and economics with maps, charts, and diagrams.
  • Why NCERT: NCERT Social Science books provide a holistic view of society and its development, encouraging analytical thinking and informed citizenship.


  • Importance: Sharpens your mind with learning the tough words and making them used in various sentences, but also lets you know about our ancestral language and preserves cultural heritage, promotes linguistic skills, and enhances logical thinking.
  • Coverage: Includes Sanskrit grammar, literature, and cultural texts.
  • Why NCERT: NCERT Sanskrit books facilitate the study of ancient language and philosophical texts, preserving traditional knowledge and promoting interdisciplinary learning.

NCERT books are your ultimate secret weapon for Class 10 success—clear, concise, and totally reliable. And our website is here to make sure you have all the resources you need to make the most of them. 

If you’re still reading, thanks, and all the best! If you found this helpful, share it with your friends and classmates. For more tips, updates, and resources, keep checking our website. Happy Learning!

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