Types of Students in a Classroom

To all the students, this nostalgic blog will remind you of your school days when frozen maggi >>>> just hit the right spot.

<red> October 4th, 2023 <red>

Things Only School Students can Relate to.

‘Is this a class or a fish market?’ This line could probably set a Guinness record for the most heard phrase in any person’s life. But what is it that makes this fish market worth looking back to? 

The different types of creatures we meet here. 

From eating frozen maggi, bunking classes, spoiling your seat partner to scribbling the benches we all can agree on one thing, we LOVE school. 

I know class 10 and 12 students may beg to differ otherwise because of the board exam pressure. But this blog will instantly make you think of your peers that you’re gonna miss so much once you finish school. 

10 Personalities you Encounter Daily in your Classroom

  1. That one ‘Overachiever/ Genius’ jisse sab aata hai

The middle row first bench toppers who know everything. They raise their hand when the teacher asks questions, participate in olympiads, are good at sports, speak in assembly and make the rest of us wonder if they ever sleep.

  1. Talking is always fun, especially jab teacher mana kare

The side window row backbenchers who mostly just get good grades somehow. Ngl but this just perfectly defines my personality. We just never shut up. We are the “tum khud toh chup hote nhi ho apne seat partner ko bhi aisa he bana diya”. And proudly we accept this title.

  1. Backbenchers

Do they need an introduction? Probably the best breed of students to ever exist. ‘Clowns’ is the most referred term used by teachers to catch their attention. Honestly, these clowns are way more smarter than they let on. Think about it - humour and intelligence go hand in hand. They might be using their antics to ease tension, bond with their classmates, or simply because they're natural leaders who love connecting with others.

  1. ‘Ma’am mai copies staff room le jaane mai help karunga’ aka Teacher’s pet

Are you in the front row, head nodding, collecting copies, constantly in need of teacher’s approval? Mubarak ho you’re the most envied in the class. You’re the teacher’s favourite, probably the monitor of the class who threats their classmates to not talk or you’ll the write their names on the monitor with *4. Which honestly is/was scary. 

  1. Sleepy Head 

Har class mai neend aana bhi ek art hai. Aur ye art inhe pure batch mai famous kr deti hai. They can fall asleep even at the most inconvenient time and uncomfortable environment. They believe in ‘main udna nahi chahta, daudhna bhi nahi chahta, bas sona chahta hu’. 

  1. Nahi yaar maine kuch nhi padha hai bolke 95% le aaya 

“Chupe Rustam”. Yaar kuch padha nahi hai, ye nahi aata, canteen chalte hai, bunk krte hai bolte bolte ye log kab 95% kaise le aate hai pata hi nahi chalta hai. They believe in smart work rather than hard work. They are fun to be around, somehow just score so well and leave their peers like, ‘inko khelte khelte padhne ka time kaise milta hai yaar?????’

  1. Aaj phir late ho gya, history ki book nhi mil rhi thi bol dunga

These students always come in late with the lamest excuse possible and follow their own clock. No matter how many warnings they get, the pattern just doesn't change. And sometimes it's not even them, maybe it's just the universe. Lol. 

  1. That one “Rebellious” kid we all have in our class 

Questioning the status quo, indulging in after school fights, may be their negative traits but their rebellious nature also ensures that no one mistreats them. They take a stance for themselves and never accept any mistreatment from anyone even if it means standing against the authority, they will. 

  1. The Human Giraffe of the Class 

‘Jiski height lambi hai wo blackboard monitor’, stand in the back and bachpan mai zada complan piya hoga, are probably some of the most said words to any student with a good height. But, years later we realise that humein bhi complan pi he lena chhaiye tha because…... (Nothing just humour based on my pain) 

  1.  Athlete 

The students who probably come to school only to play. They love sports and are never absent on the day when they have PT period. And honestly nothing can beat the comparison of collecting students for the school team and how the team was made in the movie Lagaan. It's pretty accurate. 

These student types, with their quirks and qualities, make school a memorable and cherished experience for us all. While the pressures of exams may cloud the view momentarily, the memories forged with classmates will remain just the same. 

Find it relatable? Share with your friends and see who’s who. 

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