5 Realistic Ways for Students to Get Rid of Phone Addiction Before Exams.

Phone detox is exactly what you need before Boards. Read the Blog to Find Out How You Can Curb It!

<red> September 7th, 2023 <red>

Board Exams are Tough, but, your Phone Addiction Could be Tougher.

In preparation for takeoff (of this article), I’d like you to pretend to put your phones in airplane mode. “Pretend, because we both know you won’t until you know you…it’s EXAM TIME”. 

With half-yearly exams just around the corner, phone addiction can be really stressful and frustrating. For most students, it's like–you are 10 minutes into the textbook, and your phone gives you “the look”. “The look” that screams at you to check the notifications. And sometimes it just gets inevitable to really ignore it. And that’s when you know, you’re addicted.

Phone, specifically for GenZ, is the center of information. Let’s say you’re a class 10 student; you need your phone for all the latest CBSE news and extra study material.

Just a few minutes into your “research”, you find yourself on a social media platform scrolling videos. And I’m sure that’s exactly how you’re here, reading this article.

Truth is, you can’t get rid of phone addiction simply by motivating yourself. What you really need is a practical strategy, along with some realistic ways to help you get through exam time.

Here are the 5 ways that worked for me as a student to help score 95+ in Boards by getting rid of my phone addiction.

There can be multiple reasons to put your phone down like- it increases productivity, better sleep, more time to study, etc. But the real question is how do you really do it? So…

  1. Listen to your mother, “Uthte hi Phone mat utha liya karo”.

Every morning your mom be like- 

It's pretty much “as a class 10 student, mai roz sunta/sunti hu” wala stuff but it works. The first 30 minutes in the morning, your brain deserves a screen-less start. Instead:

  • get some fresh air
  • ask your mother what she’s going to cook for breakfast
  • mind-map your study schedule for the day; or just about anything that does not involve a screen.

  1. Keep your phone in another room till you’re finished with one chapter of your selected subject.

Yes, it's tough, but physically separating yourself from your phone is a useful strategy to concentrate better on your studies.

  • Ask any of your family members to take your phone and return it only after 2-3 hours. During that duration, you should study without any distractions whatsoever.
  • Practice questions (from Educart Question Banks of course) to get a better understanding of the chapter.
  • After learning the Chapters, you can practice questions to clarify your concepts and not make similar mistakes in Boards, which you may have made while solving Q’s.

  1. Use apps like “Digitox” to limit your excessive phone use.

The truth is, we wake up before our devices do, and they go to bed before we do. 

And, as a class 10 student with boards just around the corner, it's the one thing you can’t afford. 

  • With the aid of apps like "Digitox," "AppBlock," and "Space," you can take back control of your digital habits and focus on what truly matters—your studies. 
  • By setting personalized limits through these apps, you can effectively curb the temptation to mindlessly scroll through your phone. 
  • It ensures that your phone doesn't interfere with your exam preparations.

  1. Don’t try to go from ‘too much’ phone use to ‘no’ use at all - It will never work.

Ye toh possible he nhi hai. Think practically. 

Try cutting off an hour from your daily phone use, and eventually, you’ll realize that Phone in the end was not that big of an issue, anyway, it's just a device. 

  • The Internet plays a big role in preparing the students for exams. You can surf Questions, Theory, and whatnot, it's all just a click away. But then, at the same time, it's a big distraction that has the ability to make you procrastinate for hours. 
  • Instead, purchase Question Banks, one of the most popular in the market currently is the - Educart Question Banks. It has Qs from every source possible, along with detailed solutions for each question.
  • Save your time, when you can get an ‘all in one’ textbook at your doorstep, why need a phone, anyways? 

  1. Try changing your wallpaper to something that puts you in instant guilt for using your phone, like….



Your wallpaper is the first thing you see on your phone, in one way or another it sets your mood to use your phone any further. And, boards as we know are one of the major exams every student has to get through once in their life. So, how about you put your wallpaper as something that motivates you or warns you to study? 

  • Use your wallpaper to create the need to study. 

To help you find an image that works best for you, we have created a Pinterest board-


Hope it helps :)

Phone can be really useful in your exam preparation, but it can even be a major source of procrastination. So, choose carefully which one you want *it* to be for you, this Board’s season. 

Try these solutions and let us know which one worked best for you!!

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