CBSE launches Pariksha Sangam Portal - Latest Digital Initiative for CBSE Exams

This platform will work as a one-stop for the details regarding board exam 2022.

<red> July 4th, 2022 <red>

CBSE launches a New Portal named Pariksha Sangam–the Latest Digital Initiative for CBSE Exams

CBSE launched a new portal - Pariksha Sangam

On July 1st, 2022, CBSE launched its biggest initiative - Pariksha Sangam. This platform is started to help students to get all the updates in one place. The board exams are finished and lakhs of students of classes 10th & 12th are eagerly waiting for their results. Everyone’s eyes are glued to the official websites and

In between this, CBSE launched a new website for every update from registration to the final result. This platform will work as a one-stop for the details regarding board exam 2022. All the exam-related needs of the students will be delivered through this website.

Now, only a few weeks are left for the declaration of the result for classes 10th & 12th. It has been estimated that the Pariksha Sangam portal will play a crucial role in this process. 

Students, teachers and schools can streamline the process of re-evaluation, and the students can also download a copy of their answer sheet if they want to through the website. 

Features of the Portal

Their whole website is divided into three parts and these parts are as follows: 

  1. Ganga
Sections of Schools (Ganga)


All the school-related updates will be shown in this section. In this section, updates are related to exam reference material, pre-exam updates, exam updates, and post-exam updates.

  1. Yamuna 
Sections of Regional Offices (Yamuna)

In this section, updates related to the region will be shown such as exam reference material, RO Digi locker access, duplicate academic document system and others. 

  1. Saraswati
Sections of Head Offices (Saraswati) 

Updates related to head office will be shown on this part of the website. Different types of tabs are available here, such as exam reference material, e-Sandesh, harkara, exam conduct MIS, and many more. There are multiple tabs available under a single tab. 

Teachers and students can access the different types of information and study material in one place. Now, they don’t have to go to any other website.

Under this portal, CBSE plans to combine all its other portals such as e-Sandesh, IPS payment system, OASIS, Board circulars, etc. The system of uploading the marks of practical and theory exams for classes 9 to 12 would also be shifted to the Pariksha Sangam Portal. Now, the process of finding resources, study material, and updates will become easy.

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