CBSE gives relaxation to Maths Basic students to Maths in Class 11

For this year basic maths students can also opt Maths in Class 11.

<red> August 11th, 2022 <red>

CBSE Students are Allowed to Opt Mathematics in Class 11 after Studying Maths Basic in Class 9 and 10.

This is some excellent news! CBSE students with Mathematics Basic in Class 10 can now opt for Mathematics in Class 11 and 12.

Last two academic sessions have been affected a lot due to COVID-19 and this session has already been delayed because of the repercussions. Among other things happening within the Education sector, one good thing for Class 9 and 10 students were the introduction of Mathematics Basic in the assessment pattern. But for these students, it would mean not opting for Mathematics in Class 11 and 12 and only being allowed to study Applied Mathematics (as per the earlier circular).

CBSE has now lifted this restriction and provided relaxation to students for one more year; 2022-23.

This exemption is being given as a special measure to facilitate the present batch, that is, 2022-23 of students of Class 11, - CBSE Authorities

NOTE: Before permitting Mathematics to students in Class 11, the Head of the Institution should be satisfied that the students have the right aptitude and ability to pursue the subject in Class 11.

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