Chapter 4

Class 9
5. Now think why: (i) Does Thiruvananthapuram have a similar climate?
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Now think why:

(i) Does Thiruvananthapuram have a similar climate?

(ii) Chennai has more rains only after the fury of the monsoon is over in most parts of the country?

(iii)Jodhpur has a hot desert type of climate?

(iv)Leh has moderate precipitation almost throughout the year?

(v) While in Delhi and Jodhpur most of the rain is confined to nearly three months, in Thiruvananthapuram and Shillong it is almost nine months of the year?


(i) Thiruvananthapuram has an equable climate because it is situated on the sea coast. The moderating influence of the sea makes the climate equal. Thiruvananthapuram is also near the equator due to which all the seasons have similar temperatures and making the climate equable.

(ii) Chennai receives most of the rainfall from the retreating monsoon from October to December. It gets very little or no rainfall from the South-West monsoon winds.

(iii) Jodhpur has a hot desert type of climate because it is located in the extreme north-western part of the country which is a desert area. By the time monsoon winds reach there, they have already lost their moisture which results in very less or no rainfall. Due to the desert area, it experiences a very high diurnal range of temperature. Thus Jodhpur has a hot desert type of climate.

(iv)Leh is located in the hilly region. It is a cold desert. Due to its geographical location, it receives moderate precipitation almost throughout the year. During summer, it receives precipitation in the form of rainfall and during winter, in the form of snowfall.

(v) Rainfall in Delhi and Jodhpur is confined to the monsoon period only because these regions are located in the interior part of India which receives rainfall mostly from South-West monsoon winds. While Thiruvananthapuram is located on a sea coast and receives rainfall from both the branches of monsoon. Shillong is located in a hilly region. Shillong receives rainfall both from the monsoon as well as from the local disturbances which are trapped by the hills.

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