Chapter 4

Class 9
4. Now find out: (i) Why are Thiruvananthapuram and Shillong rainier in June than in July?


Now find out:

(i) Why are Thiruvananthapuram and Shillong rainier in June than in July?

(ii) Why is July rainier in Mumbai than in Thiruvananthapuram?

(iii) Why are southwest monsoons less rainy in Chennai?

(iv) Why is Shillong rainier than Kolkata?

(v) Why is Kolkata rainier in July than in June, unlike Shillong which is rainier in June than in July?

(vi) Why does Delhi receive more rain than Jodhpur?


(i) These two places are rainier in June than in July because the arrival of the monsoon occurs in both places in June and the initial stage of the monsoon leads to heavy and intense rain.

(ii)The monsoon reaches Mumbai 10 days after Thiruvananthapuram and till next month the heavy rainfall continues. So, after the initial heavy rainfall, the downpour continues in a steady pattern for at least a couple of weeks. Thus, rainfall reduces in Thiruvananthapuram earlier and July is rainier in Mumbai.

(iii) During the southwest monsoon, Chennai doesn't receive much rain because the Bay of Bengal branch passes parallel to the Tamil Nadu coast causing very little or no rainfall. Chennai receives most of the rainfall from October to December from the North-East monsoon.

(iv) Shillong is a hilly region and hilly regions trap the monsoon winds. That's why Shillong is rainier than Kolkata.

(v) The monsoon reaches Shillong earlier than Kolkata and the initial monsoon has a heavier impact than the later shower. Thus, Shillong is rainier in June than in July.

(vi) Jodhpur is in the Thar Desert region. When the monsoon winds reach there, most of their moisture is exhausted. Due to this Jodhpur receives less or no rainfall. Delhi is in more Eastern part than Jodhpur, so it receives more rainfall.

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