Class 11 Subject-wise Material

Class 11 Subject-wise Material

Transitioning from Class 10 to Class 11 i.e. getting promoted to senior secondary year, an almost end to the school life. Class 11 comes with a choice of streams that a student possibly would pursue in higher studies eventually leading to professional life. Just like Class 9 is the base for Class 10 board exams, the same is for Class 11 which is the base for Class 12. 

Students strengthen their foundation for Class 12 and competitive class in this class. To strengthen the base students need the right type of material to help them not only perform better academically but for overall enhancement of problem-solving, analytical, and conceptual skills. The table below will provide Class 11 subject-wise study material links that will redirect you to the study material following the latest CBSE pattern as per the clicked subject. 

Class 11 Subject-wise Study Material
Class 11 English Core Subject-wise Material
Class 11 Mathematics Subject-wise Material
Class 11 Physics Subject-wise Material
Class 11 Chemistry Subject-wise Material
Class 11 Biology Subject-wise Material
Class 11 Business Studies Subject-wise Material

Benefits of Subject-wise Material

Class 11 can benefit from the subject-wise material significantly. The students can get multiple study materials as per the latest CBSE pattern in a single place. This only requires choosing the required subject from the table above and then downloading the required file which can be chapter-wise notes, mind maps, and many other study materials. Here is why, students should download Class 11 subject-wise material.

  • Students can get these subject-wise study materials just by clicking the link, no payment is required.
  • Students won’t have to juggle between multiple sides, they can get the right study material in a single place. 
  • Just download the support material once on a device, and then students can access this material from anywhere and at any time using their preferred device.

Subject-wise Material- What Will You Get?

Digital as well as Physical market is filled with various study materials and there is a high probability of students getting confused with what to choose, how to choose, and how to study. Since CBSE Class 11 subject-wise material pages provide extra study material in one place, they need to know what they will get after clicking the required subject-wise material link. Look at what these materials are and how they will help Class 11 students.

  1. Chapter-wise Notes
CBSE Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter-3 We are not Afraid to Die Chapter-wise notes

Subject-wise Class 11 study material is necessary for preparing for the exams and strengthening the foundation for Class 12. Chapter-wise notes are one of the most integral components to add to the study plan and in exam preparations. The importance of CBSE Class 11 chapter-wise notes can be seen in the below-listed points.

  • It helps in improving conceptual knowledge for the final exams.
  • Class 11 CBSE chapter-wise notes can help in analyzing their weak and strong areas and students can improve their understanding of the concept timely.
  • Before going to exams, students can use these notes to revise the concepts quickly.
  • The notes comprise all the main points gathered from multiple resources in one place.

  1. Formulas
CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Chapter-2 Structure of Atoms Units

Class 11 comes with more subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and many others that have important formulas to understand the topics as well as solving the problems and numerical.

  • Formulas provide a structured approach to solve the problems and clear the concepts.
  • The formulas are derived in the case of subjects like physics, this helps in improving clearing fundamentals.
  • Class 11 formulas are time-saving too since many problems can be solved directly just by applying formulas.

  1. Experiential Activities
Class 11 CBSE Chemistry Chapter-8 Experiential Activity for Redox Reactions

It is a fact that students are able to memorize better when they perform the procedure and witness the results. Experiential Activities has been added to the Class 11 CBSE curriculum to help students gain knowledge from experience. 

  • It helps students gain first-hand-to-hand experience and it will also enhance their observation skills.
  • There is a high probability of different outcomes than expected, students can learn from their mistakes and they will be able to observe different scenarios. 
  • For in-depth evaluation and observation of topics and concepts being able to apply it in real life will help significantly.

  1. Important Questions
CBSE Biology Morphology of Flowering Plants Important Questions

Every student looks for important questions for practice purposes and improves their likelihood of performing better in CBSE Class 11 exams. Subject-wise materials comprise Class 11 important questions to help students achieve their dream of performing better and score their dream marks.

  • It helps students practice questions based on the different typologies and question levels in the final examinations.
  • There is a high probability that 5-8% of questions get repeated in the final exams. Students would already be aware of what to answer when the practiced question comes.
  • Regular practicing questions will help in improving time management skills in the final examination.

  1. Mind-maps
Complex Numbers CBSE Class 11 Chapter-5 Mind-maps

Visualisation of chapters and topics are introduced to help the students improve their memorization. Chunking is considered one of the most suitable memorization technique and mind maps is based on that technique where the difficult topics are divided into step-wise learning i.e. subtopics. 

  • Breakdown of tough topics will highlight the structured learning.
  • It will be easy for students to understand the concepts easily since it is presented in an image / visualized technique.
  • It enhances creativity skills and improves the overall productivity. 

Support Materials

Some extra Practice Questions for Class 11 Accounts

There are many other Class 11 subject-wise study materials available to help students learn better like question banks and extra practice questions. Class 11 is integral to clearing the base for further learning in Class 12 and clearing the competitive exams.

Every student deserves access to all types of learning material that can help them reach heights. We at Educart intend to provide every student the best experience via online free study material as well as a sample paper, question banks, and other books curated by experienced SMEs and rigorous rounds of editing. Class 11 subject-wise study material is the tool to score the dream marks.

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