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There are times when we all want to put our thoughts regarding a certain topic into words and want it to reach a wide set of audience. The writing piece can be argumentative, general, or can be persuasive. That’s where the concept of article writing enters.

Article Writing is included in the curriculum to help them benefit both academically as well overall development. It helps

  • students in improving their vocabulary, communication, and language skills;
  • evaluate the understanding of a student on different topics;
  • help students enhance their critical thinking, problem-solving, and research skills; and
  • students become informed individuals.

These are a few of the many reasons why article writing is included in the curriculum. Before that, students must understand what an article is, the types of articles, article writing, and its format, how one can write a good article, and some examples that will give them a clear vision regarding the same.

What is Article Writing?

An article is a long writing composition that helps in conveying or persuading some thoughts, ideas, analysis, and discussion over a specific topic to a wide set of audience. An article is a written communication form that can be published in magazines, newspapers, or journals. 

Article writing refers to the process of curating engaging, informative written content and getting it published in a newspaper, journal, or magazine. It is an important skill that will help students or anyone for that matter to convey their ideas and thoughts to the targeted audience.

An article does not require an individual’s perspective or stance of their own on the given topic; rather, it needs to be a detailed description of a topic to raise awareness or concern of the general public. An article aims to make people aware of the topic and not to provide the speaker’s perception or thoughts on the same.

Students can download this PDF for several article writing samples and practice questions.

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S.No. Table Of Content
1 Format of Article Writing
2 Types of Articles
3 Article Writing Examples
4 How to Draft a Good and Engaging Article?
5 Mistakes to Avoid in Article Writing
6 Articles vs Blogs
7 Practice Questions
8 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Article Writing Format 

Here is how the writing article format followed.

Article Writing Formatting Steps

Targeted Audience

Identify the audience set the article is meant for before initiating article writing.


The reason should be clear to the writer as well as the audience on the reason for reading the article.


Write a title that conveys what the content talks about and it should be catchy enough to grab the audience's attention.


It is the main body of an article. The content you are writing about must convey clear and concise content and every para should be connected, not freaking the flow of the subject being discussed.  The article must have all relevant points with needed evidence. It should be within 120-150 words. (for exams)

Targeted Audience

Identify the audience set the article is meant for before initiating article writing.

Types of Articles

An article can be categorized into different types depending on the targeted audience and content type. Here are some of the common article types:

  1. Expository Article

Articles that deliver clear and comprehensive details regarding a particular subject and are not from the writer’s personal POV come under expository articles. The articles are straightforward and informative.

  1. Feature Article 

The long and in-depth articles that explore any issue in detail, interview, or an expert analysis. These can be found in magazines. 

  1. Persuasive Article

These kinds of articles usually include arguments and thoughts of the writer on a specific topic or an issue. The tone written here is persuasive to convince the audience to accept the author’s perspective.

  1. Descriptive Article

These kinds of articles help readers visualize based on what’s written in the article’s content. The adjectives and phrases in this type must be used carefully that help readers visualize the description. 

  1. How-To-Article: 

These are basically tutorial articles that help the reader to get information in a structured manner on how to achieve the mentioned goal in the end. It can be a step-by-step guide on how to repair a computer system or how to prepare a dish with images in the given steps.

There can be review, travel, and narrative articles too. It all depends on the targeted audience.

Article Writing Examples

Examples of articles are as follows:

Write an article for a city newspaper expressing your alarm and cautioning people against environmental pollution. Use the cues given below: 8 trees felled, multistorey buildings constructed, more vehicles, more factories increasing pollution.


Dear citizens of our beloved city,

I am writing to express my deep alarm about the state of our environment. In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid increase in the level of pollution in our city, and it is time for us to take action to address this pressing issue.

It is disheartening to see that 8 beautiful trees have been felled to make way for more multistory buildings, resulting in the loss of valuable green spaces that play a vital role in regulating our air quality. The construction of these buildings has also contributed to increased pollution levels, as has the rise in the number of vehicles on our roads and the growth of new factories in the city.

This trend is unacceptable, and we must all do our part to reduce the level of pollution in our city. This can involve taking steps like using public transportation or carpooling, reducing energy consumption in our homes and workplaces, and supporting efforts to create more green spaces and protect our natural environment.

We must remember that we all have a role to play in protecting our environment and safeguarding the health and well-being of our citizens. Let us work together to make our city a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable place to live.


[Your Name]

There has been increased reporting of cases of domestic violence during the period of nationwide lockdown. This shows a grave scenario that being forced to stay indoors is proving to be harmful to the mental health of many people. As Gagan/Astha, write an article on the topic “The impact of lockdown on mental health” in 120-150 words. Use the given cues.

  • Change in behavior of people
  • People turned into beasts
  • Doctors should give advice
  • People need hope and positivity



By Gagan / Astha

The growth in the number of cases of domestic violence during the period of nationwide lockdown is shocking. Being forced to stay at home with families is proving to be bothersome for some people. Their behavior is becoming erratic and restless, resulting in family quarrels. The situation has resulted in physical assault in many cases. People feel like they are being chained within an enclosed space. The frustration and burden of negative thoughts have turned them into ruthless beasts.

For those people who are finding it hard to deal with current situations, there needs to be some kind of help given. It can be in the form of providing online counseling sessions or airing informative commercials on maintaining good mental health over mass media. Doctors should give advice and prescriptions to such people through television or radio.

People who are not able to sustain this lockdown due to the negativity around them need nothing but a ray of hope and positivity. A healthy motivating discussion with such people would result in a better vision of life for them.

In 150-200 words, write an article emphasizing the importance of adventure sports in young people.


It is impossible to overstate the value of adventure sports in young people's lives in the fast-paced, technologically-driven world of today.  The unique and exhilarating experience that adventure sports provide goes beyond simple recreation. They offer a wealth of advantages to young people's overall physical, mental, and emotional development.

Adventure sports encourage coordination, endurance, and physical fitness. Rock climbing, hiking, white-water rafting, or paragliding are all physically demanding activities that improve strength, agility, and endurance. Adventure sports also frequently call for teamwork, communication, and problem-solving abilities, which promote personal development and boost self-confidence.

The importance of adventure sports in young people's lives must be emphasized by parents, educators, and society at large.  We can assist young people in developing crucial life skills, improve their well-being, and produce a generation of resilient and adventurous people by encouraging their participation, providing necessary resources and infrastructure, and promoting safety guidelines.

In conclusion, adventure sports provide young people with a wide range of advantages, including social connections, personal development, environmental awareness, and physical fitness. By highlighting the value of adventure sports, we can give kids the chance to realize their full potential, acquire crucial life skills, and lead rich and satisfying lives.

Remember that participating in adventure sports is about more than just seeking thrills; it's also about encouraging personal development, fortifying character, and fostering a passion for exploration and the great outdoors. 

Thank you.

How can students keep fit and healthy?


Students can do regular physical activity to improve their fitness and overall health. Consistency is important for better results. Including exercise in daily life with other activities will help to maintain consistency.

There are multiple options available for exercise such as gym, park, cycling, skipping, joining a sports team, or working at home, choose any option that suits you best. Having fun with exercise will keep you motivated for daily exercise. 

Take a small step at a time and it will show better results than one day of exercise. Doing a simple walk, eating healthy food, sleeping, and waking up on time will also help a lot. Just move your body and try to follow an exercise that uses your full body. So it will take less time and give better results. Exercise every day for 20 to 30 minutes and see the results. 

The recent killing of Avni, the tigress, who had two 10-month-old cubs has disturbed you. You realize that human encroachment and the greed of land-grabbing companies are the cause of this. Write an article in 150 – 200 words to be published in ‘The National Times’ about your concern and the need to take urgent action to stop the decline in the number of tigers in India. You are Amit/Ambika Shukla.


S-32, Meerapur Basahi Road,


Uttar Pradesh -221002

Date: 24th July 2019

The Editor,

The National Times,

Varanasi Cantt,

Uttar Pradesh – 221002

Subject: Request for urgent action to stop the decline in the number of tigers in India

Respected Sir,

This is to draw your attention to the recent killing of the tigress Avani, who was carrying a 10-month-old cub. The killing of tigers like Avani, which has resulted in a steady decrease in the number of tigers in the entire country, calls for immediate attention and prompt action.

A particular breed of tiger is regarded as the nation's emblem. Sadly, despite this title, their numbers are steadily decreasing as a result of land-grabbing businesses' illegal encroachment on forest land. There won't be many tigers or other animals of this type left in our country unless and until these barbaric practices of deforestation and animal slaughter are stopped.

Strict measures must be taken in this regard, and that action be taken as soon as possible. When it comes to deforestation and the killing of animals, there should be stricter regulations. The guilty must face severe penalties. We can only halt the country's tiger population decline with such stringent measures.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

How to Draft a Good and Engaging Article?

Writing an article is a tough task as readers might disengage themselves in the middle if the writing style is not catchy or interesting. So, it is essential to attract and retain the reader's attention.

  • Before writing any article, the topic/subject must be clear to the writer itself. The writer should have enough knowledge regarding the topics.
  • Now, form an outline with the title, heading, and subheading followed by a conclusion of an article with logical points.
  • The tone of the article can be formal, informational, persuasive, or informal depending on the addressed audience.
  • The article shouldn't be incomplete and points must be logically put together. 
  • Give closure to the readers with a drafted and precise conclusion.

Mistakes to Avoid in Article Writing 

Whenever you start writing a topic for an article or the content related to the article topic, there are a few points you need to keep in mind that can take away the reader’s attention. So, it is essential to know what mistakes to avoid in article writing.

  • Before writing any article, make sure you thoroughly research the topic. A single wrong word or misinformation is not acceptable in article writing.
  • Follow a basic article format, especially in exams.
  • Don’t repeat the same line again and again. Keep the content unique and to the point.
  • The article must be drafted while keeping the audience in mind.

Articles vs Blog

Difference between an Article and a Blog?

There is a high probability that the reader, even the author, confuses themselves between a blog and an article. 

A blog is usually an informal piece of writing with less credibility and a publishing platform helps authors to share their personal experiences, their journey, or sharing some information whereas an article is typically written in a formal tone with facts and figures and holds higher credibility than the blog. The article can be an analysis, review, or interview.

Practice Questions

List of all the topics for Article Writing writing practice.

Article Writing in English Topics for Practice
Article Writing on Violence Among Students
Article Writing on the Importance of Adult Education
Article Writing on ‘Begging – How to solve the problem’
Article Writing on the Negative Impact of the Internet on Children
Article Writing on How to Save the Earth?
Article Writing on the Importance of Exercise and Nutritious Food
Article Writing on Good Manners
Article Writing on the Importance of Health in our Lives.
Article Writing on ill-effects of Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Article Writing on the use of Public Conveyance, Control Pollution
Article Writing on The Evil of Smoking
Article Writing on The Problem of Traffic Jams in Metropolitan Cities
Article Writing on The Role of Students in Achieving 100% Literacy
Article Writing on the Importance of Healthy Food
Article Writing on Children’s Love for Comics and the Role that Comics Play in Every Child’s Life
Article Writing on Need Public Letter Public Transport
Article Writing on Excessive Use of Advertisements in Media
Article Writing on Simple Marriages
Article Writing on the Need for Balance between Development and Safety of the Environment
Article Writing on the Tourism Potential of India
Article Writing on The Impact of Advertisements on the Younger Generation
Article Writing on the Importance of Morning Assembly
Article Writing on the Role of the Father in the Family
Article Writing on How to Eradicate Begging from Our Country
Article Writing on the Rising Prices of Essential Commodities that Make Life Difficult for the Common Man


What is the purpose of Article writing?

The article written in English is mainly done to make the audience aware and persuade them to make a difference. Many articles are written to entertain the audience. 

How can you define a correct Article Writing Format?

A correct article writing format includes a catchy topic with an introduction making people aware of what this article is about, the middle body includes the evidence and supporting points to the topic and ends the article by writing a strong conclusion that persuades the reader to take some action.

From where can we download the practice questions of Article writing for class 12?

You can download the practice questions of Article Writing for Class 12 from this link.

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