Science, Commerce or Humanities: What to Choose After Class 10th

Covers all the ways to help you to take a right decision

Choosing the Right Career Path: A Guide for Students after Class 10

Before taking any new decision, check all the aspects of it to save you from regret. Choosing a right stream is also a decision that class 10 students take by choosing any one stream in front of these three – Science, Commerce, and Humanities. 

After the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP), students can now choose any subject. For example: Physics, Chemistry, Biology are the subjects of Science stream but if any student wants to study physics with accounts then now he can do this. 

Here in this article we help you to make a better decision for choosing the right stream.

How Can You Select The Stream As Per Your Interest?

Before choosing a stream it’s always recommend to keep a decision based on some factors such as

  1. Take career and aptitude test
  2. Explore different subjects and activities
  3. Talk to experts
  4. Research various career paths
  5. Seek guidance from teachers and career counsellors

Check these points in detail that how you can explore them

  1. Take Career and Aptitude Test

For self-awareness, understanding your own interests, strengths, and weaknesses is necessary. This knowledge can help them take better decision

  1. Explore Different Subjects and Activities

After checking the interest students must explore different subjects and choose which they feel motivated to study. If you like maths choose it, because it will grow your marks because you have interest.

  1. Talk to Experts (Teacher or Counsellor)

If students have any confusion then they should talk to their teacher or the counsellor. They guide you best because they deal with these situations every year. 

  1. Research Various Career Paths

Every stream has different career option, so students should research their interests and career option they like to pursue in future, then make a final decision to choose a particular stream

What Stream to Choose After 10th?

In broad terms there are three streams – Science, Commerce and Humanities/Arts. Below is a detailed overview of these streams, which every student must check to make a better decision.

1) Science Stream

It’s a most attractive stream among students because of several reasons. Many students make mistakes while choosing because everyone is talking to them. 

Science students doing practical in lab

They didn’t understand why they should choose it and in the end they changed the stream in college, which is not a good thing. Division of streams in science: 

  • Science Stream with Mathematics (PCM)
  • Science Stream With Biology (PCB)
  • Science Stream with Biology & Math (PCMB)

Here are some reasons why science is popular among students: 

  • Wide range of career opportunities such as medicine, engineering, technology, research and development, and more.
  •  Prestige because of its challenging and intellectually stimulating field, it attracts students who look for value in academic achievement and prestige.

However, students should check their interest before taking science because changing streams in college is not a good decision. You have to switch to a different stream and understand its basis which will be time consuming.

2) Commerce Stream

This stream is all about learning business, trade, accounts, laws of business, and economics. Students who want to pursue their career in banking, MNCs, finance and entrepreneurship are choosing commerce as a stream.

Student making profit and loss sheet

Many students choose commerce stream after 10th without maths, it is also a good way for those who don’t have interest in maths. Some popular competitive exams after class 12 for commerce stream students.

  • C.S Foundation Course
  • C.A Foundation Course
  • ICWA Foundation Course

Commerce is a field which opens different career options because a person who knows finance is needed in every company to handle their balance sheets, profit and laws, income tax and much more.

3) Humanities Stream

Students who have an interest in studying a wide range of subjects such as geography, history, polity, literature and journalism. Also who have interest in theory, because in humanities you have to write long answers to explain things.

Students learn different subjects in humanities

After studying humanities there are different career options students can choose from such as:

  • Law
  • Journalism and mass communication
  • Teacher or professor
  • Social work and counselling
  • Public service
  • Art and design

These are just a few examples of the many career options available to those who have studied humanities. With the right skills and experience, you can pursue a fulfilling and rewarding career in many different fields.

What Mistakes Students Make While Choosing a Stream?

There are some mistake that students make while selecting a stream, and these mainly includes:

  1. Not considering own interest and strengths
  2. Listening to others opinion
  3. Not doing proper research about career options
  4. Choosing a stream because of its prestige 
  5. Not seeking advice from experts, teachers and career counsellors

Before choosing a stream, students should take time to research, reflect and seek guidance. This should be your well informed decision that aligns with your interest, abilities, goals.

Final Thoughts

Choosing stream is important if students look for a specific career, but there many students who take a different career than their studies. As discussed above now students can choose any subject which they like. So choose what you really want to study and give your best.

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