Dos & Don’ts During Class 10 Board Exams

New Rules for Class 10 Board Exam 2024

<red> March 2nd, 2023 <red>

Class 10 Board Exam Success: The Dos & Don'ts in Examination Hall

Every year we see some new changes in the CBSE exam pattern or marking scheme. For the session 2021-22 the term-wise paper pattern was introduced by CBSE but from the year 2022-23 CBSE implemented the pre pandemic paper structure back. From now on, once a year an exam will be conducted for class 10 boards.

Students Follow All the Rules During Class 10th Board Exam

Every student should follow the guidelines of the exam to ensure the class 10 exam success. Here are all the do's and don'ts of the exam hall.

Dos of Board Exams

Below are few things which you should follow in exam hall and during exam:

CBSE Class 10 Exam Hall Dos and Don'ts

  1. Read the instructions about a number of questions. For example: If there are five questions then sometimes it says attempt any three. If you don’t read the instruction you will attempt all five, which will not give you extra marks. Rather you’ll lose time.
  2. Reach the exam hall at least half an hour before the reporting time. It will take some of your stress off. Also if you miss anything by chance, then you can arrange it also.
  3. Bring all necessary stationery and admit card carefully. For Maths take all geometry tools such as compass, ruler, divider, etc.
  4. Start writing answers from the question which you know best. It will increase your confidence and give full marks if you write all points asked in the questions.
  5. Maintain handwriting throughout the paper. Don’t write answers in bad handwriting in the last answers. Also keep the presentation of answers intact.
  6. Stay calm and focused on the exam only. If you prepare well, then it will definitely give you success in the exam.
  7. Try to complete the exam before 15 minutes of timing, and in this time check all the number of answers before submitting the answer sheet. If you skip any question by chance then you have time to attempt that question.
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Don’ts of Board Exams

Below are few things which you should avoid in exam hall:

  1. Do not carry prohibited items in the examination hall, such as electronic devices, notes, and textbooks to the exam hall.
  2. Do not exceed the word limit while writing answers. This mistake can be avoided by writing the answers in bullet points.
  3. Do not engage in unfair means or cheating during the exam. Make sure your pockets are empty when you enter the room.
  4. Do not waste time on questions you don’t know the answer to. This is the most common mistake students make especially when there is a time constriction, say, during the last 30 minutes.
  5. Do not panic or lose focus during the exam. For this, take a few deep breaths when you feel anxious thoughts coming up and then think with a clear head.
  6. Do not leave the exam hall before final time. Wait for the invigilator to clear your answer sheet for submission.
  7. Do not ignore the negative marking in MCQ-based questions. Another silly mistake that students still make due to overconfidence.

Such guidelines are prepared to show that students respect the examination process and take it seriously. It also ensures that all students have a level playing field and that the examination is fair and impartial. So follow all the guidelines given by CBSE for 2024 board exams as we will update them here as soon as uploaded.

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