How to Write Answers in Board Exams Class 10 CBSE 2023

Solutions to avoid mistakes students usually do in board exams with extra tips

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How to Prepare for Board Exams 2023 Smartly ?

According to the students who have already given CBSE board exams 2023, scoring marks in CBSE is easy. If you study well in class and do some self study you can score 70% to 80% easily.

Students in Examination Hall Attempting CBSE Final Board Exams 2022

Imagine a scenario where you prepare well for the exams but do not present the answer in a way which gives you full marks. All your hard work would be for nothing and not give you complete results. 

During exams there is so much pressure on students to score better than the others. In this situation, your way of presentation can make you different from others. Having good and enough information is also important.

In this article, you will learn the art of presenting your knowledge to the examiner through your sheet. It is a way to ensure that you will not lose marks in each question you know well. We share most useful tips and ways with examples to present your answers. We ensure that reading this complete article would be worth it for your upcoming exams.

7 Smart Hacks How To Write Answer Sheet In Board Exam CBSE 2023

During preparation of Class 10 & 12 boards, students search for ways to attempt CBSE board papers 2023. Multiple tips, and different information they gathered from different sources. After taking so much information they get confused and search for more tips. Here are 7 tips with mistakes students usually make and their solutions. You do not need to go anywhere after reading this complete article.

Read question paper carefully and prioritise questions

Many students get nervous at the start of the exam and do not utilise the starting 15 minutes which are given to read the question paper completely. The very first thing that you should do before starting the paper, is to read the question paper thoroughly. 

After that, mark questions and make a list of the priority of questions, for example - attempt the first question which you know completely and then the medium and in the last questions which you have less idea.

Here one most common mistake that students make is to create an assumption about attempting the questions in the same given order. Don’t make this mistake, attempt a question first which you know perfectly. Prioritising questions will help you to boost your confidence and consequently you will end up attempting those questions also about which you have very little idea. 

Choose internal choice questions wisely

Internal choice question in social science examination

Some questions in the paper have internal choices and some students choose a different question over the one which they knew better. This mostly happened because of hastiness. 

A simple solution to this situation is to read both the questions carefully and then make a decision. If you know little about both the options, then choose the one which you can present perfectly with a diagram or the question in which you have some additional information. You can create a solution in your mind, this will help you to clear all your doubts. 

Make your answer presentable

Good way to present answers in maths with diagrams

Writing correct answers is important but the presentation also matters a lot. Teachers check hundreds of examination copies, so sometimes it could be hectic for them to go through every question thoroughly. 

In this situation, if a question is well presented, the chances are high to get full marks. It is because the answer is written in bullet points with a diagram. Let’s see how you can make your answer presentable.

Tips to make your answer more presentable

  • Underline every heading & subheading. You can use a double underline for main headings and a single underline for subheadings. This will help you to create the differentiation.
  • Use different colour pens, do not use multi colours. You can use blue and black pens. Black for headings and blue for content. Use a pencil for making diagrams and flowcharts. 
  • Leave two to three lines after every question. Also, if only 4-5 lines are left on the page, always start a new question from the next page. 
  • Underline the main keyword in the answer and try to put the attention of the checker on those keywords or main points. This will help them to understand that you know the topic and give you full marks without reading the complete answer. 
  • Mention the answer number at the top of the sheet and write it in the middle (make it bold). 
  • Use proper words. Do not use don’t, wasn’t, etc. Instead of that use Do not, was not. 

Write within the word limit

Question demands an answer to be written within word limit

Read the question carefully and understand what you actually have to write. Always write to the point, brief and concise answers. Do not go out of style. 

For example - If you are asked to write steps involved in the extraction of pure metals [5 marks]. Write simply all the steps of extraction. That is all. Do not write any definition of what pure metals are, types, etc. Simply write the process. 

Also, let us break a myth, most students think that writing long answers will help them to score more marks. But this is totally absurd because examiners look for too-the-point answers not long stories with unnecessary information. 

Attempt every question

One amazing point that you must know. In CBSE boards Exams 2023, if you write two to three lines in a question, you will get a mark in that also. If there is any question about which you have less idea or even zero idea, attempt it and write some relatable points. 

For example- a question asks, to explain the structure and functioning of the human eye [5 marks]. If you studied this topic, you must have some knowledge about the human eye. Explain that. Also, if possible draw the diagram (if you remember half of the diagram, make it). You’ll end up scoring at least 2 marks after writing this much information but correct. 

Write to the point answer

Example of to the point answer in science with equations

Read the question carefully and especially its guidelines such as word limit, have to a diagram or not. 

Useful tip - If you attempt 2 mark questions then writing three points will be enough. In the case of a 5 mark question, writing six to seven points with a diagram will give you full marks. 

Most students write long answers in 2 or 3 marks questions, just because they know everything about that topic. Do not make this mistake, you will lose lots of your time and will not be able to attempt long answers in the end. To the point answers will give you full marks and save your time as well.  

Check your answer sheet before submitting

After completing your exam, you should check all your answers. Always try to save at least 15 minutes to only check your answer sheet. So, in case you forget any question to attempt, you have time to write them down. 

Apart from this, put your watch in front of you and keep an eye on the time you take to complete a section or question. If you are taking too much time to solve the particular question, leave it and attempt it in the end. 

This will not affect your performance and you will be able to complete the exam on time. So, do not spend too much time solving one question, otherwise, you will end up leaving questions because of less time.  


The only difference between toppers and students who get 2% to 3% fewer marks than toppers is presentation. Good presentations help you to score full marks on each question. Try to implement every single tip before the exams, so that you will get familiar with all these things. Do not think that you will use these points in the exam directly, so will end up using your old techniques of attempting the exam. These tips will not only help you in board exams, but you can use them in your weekly tests and half-yearly exams.

All the best for your upcoming exams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to perform better in CBSE board exams 2023?

Use all the tips included in the article. Practise them regularly to perform better in the exam. Like mnemonics need to be repeated and used daily for better retention.

How many hours do I need to study for class 10 CBSE board exams 2023 to pass?

There are no fixed hours, everyone has their different capabilities. But 5-6 hours of study is enough to complete the syllabus and practise sample papers. Must start disciplined preparation at least 3-4 months before the final exam.

Which books are best for Class 12 CBSE board Exams 2023 preparation ?

For books you can totally depend on NCERT’s. But choose sample papers and question banks, have the latest pattern, marking scheme, previous year papers, time management chart. Check Educart books to get extra features.

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