CBSE Class 10 Social Science Cheat Sheet 2023: Check Important Details

How does a cheat sheet help students during board exam prep in retaining information better?

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Best Way to Create Cheat Sheet is Explained with Examples

Social studies is a subject which connects you with our social routes–culture, laws, geographical features, history and more. It increases cultural awareness. CBSE board exams are coming close and students are in a hurry to wrap up the syllabus fast. This is the time to finalise your class notes to help you in the days right before exams.

How can a cheat sheet help students?

A <red> cheat sheet <red> can also be called a reference sheet. These are helpful in giving your mind some hints to remember the whole topic. Mainly it will be helpful in tough exams. We will understand the whole process of creating cheat sheets and implementing them on exam day. 

Trick to make notes and use them in exam

Below are some techniques to create a cheat sheet and make its information easy to read.

  1. Write Points in Short

Use abbreviations wherever possible to make the notes crisp and quick to read. For example, use IST instead of Indian Standard Time in maps. Try to write keywords always. If you highlight points in your textbook during classroom reading time, make those points your priority.

  1. Mark Points with Different Colours

One more trick is to make your cheat sheet more readable by using different colour pens, such as using pink to highlight dates, light green for keywords and blue for important points. When you mark information with different colours, it differentiates multiple types and now you can easily skim information from the page.

  1. Breakdown points into small parts

Divide the sheet into some parts and dedicate a particular section to one kind of information only. You can group similar information together. Scan all the topics and mark points which you can club together. For history, put important time and dates in one place, for political science, join all the important laws and for Geography different places and specialities. 

Elaborate Notes Smartly

Understand this with the example below. This is a CBSE 2020 question which came in the final examination with 3 marks.

Example of Creating a Cheat Sheet and Use it to Prepare for Board Exams

While creating notes we write information in short (as shown and discussed above).

According to the first point in the image, post war institutions aim was to generate full employment, we elaborate how in the exam. In 1944, in the Bretton Woods Conference in New Hampshire the IMF and World Bank were set up. In this situation, we just elaborate on the first information and so on.

If you write the answers the same as your notes, chances are that you may not get complete marks. However, if you use your cheat sheet notes to write elaborate information and present the same points in a more presentable way, there are higher chances for you to get full marks.

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3 Things You Should Do To Complete Any Subject in Less Time

Now that you have learnt how to create a cheat sheet, understand how you can use them with the points below:

  1. Use Flowcharts

Flowcharts or Mind Maps are the best way to have an eye on the complete chapter. Use books which have all the flowcharts to explain the concepts. It will help you to understand concepts better.

Mind Maps of Class 10 SST Political Science

  1. NCERT Questions

Once you complete reading from flowchart, start connecting that information with NCERT chapter theory. It always helps if you have a reference book like our Question Banks, that summarises complete NCERT theory for you.

Short Answer Type Questions Of Social Science In Educart Final Revision Book

  1. Previous Year Papers

Just like we used an example above from previous year papers to create our notes, you can check which types of questions are mostly asked and their pattern of asking the questions. To top that, CBSE also provides topper answers for these papers, around which you can base your notes and cheat sheets.

Class 10 Previous Year Paper

<cta> View <cta>

Class 10 Topper’s Answer Sheet

<cta> View <cta>

Use all your space on the cheat sheet and check if all the information is worth adding or not. When you completely add information which is a priority to add. After that fill up the remaining room. Always ask one question before adding any information to see if you already know it or not. After this you have a comprehensive cheat sheet to ace the exams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is social science class 10 hard?

Many students find social science boring because of its vast theoretical content. But it is a scoring subject, if you have interest you can score good marks.

What is the easiest way to learn SST in class 10?

Use mind maps and see youtube videos after class lectures. Then connect all the points at last while reading NCERT on your own.

How can I get full marks in CBSE 10th social science?

Always use keypoints, diagrams, and write to the points answers to get full marks in every answer. This increases the overall score. 

Are the cheat sheets reliable?

Yes, cheat sheets always work. Just follow all the points to create and that will help you before the final exam in better revision.

Can the cheat sheet help to prepare for the exam?

Cheat sheets are also called reference sheets. As it includes all the resources in an easy to read manner, at last point it helps to recall every single point about topics.

Where can students find the Class 10 Social Science cheat sheet? 

As cheat sheets are always preferred to be created by students on their own. But if you are running out of time, then use all the resources given in articles, use youtube and done.

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