CBSE Class 10 Science Cheat Sheet 2024

Why is a cheat sheet the best way to retain information during an exam?

Best Way to Create Science Cheat Sheet – Examples Included

Science is a subject which requires understanding of concepts better. As CBSE board exams are around the corner, so many students are stressed about the revision. 

Here we came up with a science cheat sheet which is also called a reference sheet. Check all the tips and material to follow a perfect cheat sheet.

Why is Having a Cheat Sheet Important for Exams?

There are several reasons for importance of cheat sheet:

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  1. Quick Revision: Cheat sheet has a very condensed and organised format which provides a quick reference for last minute revision.
  2. Memorization Aid: Having a key which includes all the formulas at one place can reinforce memory and make the process of recalling easier.
  3. Time Management: One-stop for all your learning requirements, cheat sheet saves time by reducing the need to flip through pages of notes and textbooks.
  4.  Boost Confidence: Last minute revision could give stress and anxiety, but if you prepare a cheat sheet then it becomes revision and also boost confidence. 

However, prepare cheat sheets for every subject to revise quickly. Check Maths cheat sheet and Social Science Cheat Sheet and Maths Cheat Sheet here.

How to Create a Science Cheat Sheet for Help in Exams?

Below are some techniques to create a cheat sheet and make its information easy to read.

  1. Write points in short
  2. Mark Points with Different Colours
  3. Breakdown Points into Small Parts

Take look at the detailed explanations of all these points:

  1. Write Points in Short

Use abbreviations and symbols wherever possible to make the notes crisp and quick to read. For example, use “&” sign instead of writing “and”. Also, use abbreviations such as “kg” for “kilogram” and “i.e.” for “that is”. 

Class 10 Science Chapter 1 Chemical Reaction and Equations Mind Maps

Bonus Tip: Try to underline main keywords always. If you highlight points in your textbook during classroom reading time, make those points your priority for revision.

  1. Mark Points with Different Colours

One more way to make your cheat sheet more readable by using different colour pens, such as using pink to highlight formulas, light green for keywords and blue for important points. When you mark information with different colours, it differentiates multiple types and now you can easily skim information from the page.

  1. Breakdown Points into Small Parts

Divide the sheet into some parts and dedicate a particular section to one kind of information only. You can group similar information together. Scan all the topics and mark points which you can club together. 

Class 10 Chapter 3 Metals and Non-Metals Topic in Short

For practical questions put all formulas in one place, make a chart of periodic table and shortcuts in another sheet. This is how students can create a science cheat sheet.

Different Ways to Prepare Class 10 Science Exam

Now that you have learnt how to create a cheat sheet and why it is important. Understand how you can use different materials for preparation of different topics in science.

  1. Flow charts
  2. NCERT books
  3. Previous year question papers

Let’s understand each point in detail:

[1] Flow Charts

Flowchart is a process that shows a lengthy process and concept in short. It can be used in multiple ways such as for quick revision, more clarity, outline complex processes, and more. Here’s how you can prepare a flow chart for science.

Class 10 Chapter 10 Light Reflection and Refraction

  1. Collect information from all the reliable sources
  2. Sort the info in categories such as all the chapter-wise formulas and inventions should be written at one place. 
  3. You can use a blank paper to create a sheet by starting with the topic and its branches of subtopics, connect them with arrows.
  4. Use different labels and symbols to represent different stages or processes in flow charts.
  5. Review the flowchart to make sure it is clear, concise, and accurately represents the information. Revise and make sure it covers all the important points.

Although, if you want ready to use flow charts check our Educart science books. These flow charts will help you to clarify complex concepts and make it easier to understand the relationships between different elements of a scientific process or topic.

[2] NCERT Questions

Make a sheet where all the important NCERT questions of all types such as MCQs, Short and Long type questions will be included. Revise from these questions because everyone knows that questions will come from NCERT books.

Check our Science Question Bank book to get all the NCERT questions at one place. It is always helpful to have a supporting book along with your syllabus books.

[3] Previous Year Papers

Previous year papers are one of the best ways to know the pattern of questions that came in exam. You can get science previous year papers here and for extra questions check out the latest Science Question Bank for chapter-wise previous year questions.

Final Thoughts

Cheat sheets are a great way for revision but only if you already know the concepts and all the theory of chapters. By using a cheat sheet only you can not assure good marks. Understand chapter theory and questions first and then prepare a cheat sheet. Follow all the tips and ways given above to ace your exams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is science cheat sheet class 10?

Science cheat sheet is a reference sheet of all the formulas, inventions, dates and names of inventors, tables and much more.

How can I get full marks in science class 10?

Students can get full marks in class 10 science by following these study material, cheat sheet, NCERT questions and previous year questions.

Is class 10 science tough?

If students follow the right strategy and start their preparation from the start then science is not tough to understand.

Does making a cheat sheet help you study?

Cheat sheets are the concise form of all the study material given in the syllabus, it helps in revision of tests or exams.

How to prepare an exam cheat sheet?

Write points in short, mark them with different colours and break down all the points in short. By using these steps you can create a good cheat sheet.

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